Wantdo vs. North Face

Wantdo vs. North Face

A perfect jacket keeps you warm and offers protection from all elements. In addition, it should be comfortable, fashionable, durable, and admirable. There are many jacket options to consider in the stores, and sorting them is sometimes an impossible task.

When choosing between Wantdo and North Face jacket brands, you can be more confused since both options offer enough warmth and adequate protection that you need all day long. They have moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry and warm- water-repellent and windproof.

In this article, we will compare Wantdo and North Face jackets to help you know the right option that you can choose for your daily activities. In summary, the easily identifiable difference is that Wantdo is affordable while North Face jackets are expensive, but they are worth the price.

Wantdo vs. North Face: Detailed Comparison

  • The Brand

Wantdo is fast-growing in popularity and reputation, becoming the widely known alternative for famous brands like Columbia and North Face. 

Wantdo is the underdog of winter enthusiasts. It first entered the market in 2009 as a self-proclaimed outdoor lifestyle company. Wantdo Company manufactures and sells all types of outdoor clothing and accessories like scarves, socks, jackets, hood, and underwear. Wantdo Mountain Ski Jacket is the popular variety.

Wantdo shipping is available for more than 190 countries all over the world. The global outreach of the Wantdo brand inspires customers from all parts of the planet to explore all forms of outdoor activity with ultimate protection and comfort.

North Face is also a reputable brand that has been in the market for more than five decades. The company manufactures a vast collection of jackets, pants, and t-shirts among others. North Face jackets have either 2 or 3 insulation layers that do the job without fail, making it worth the price. Luckily, it has no associated hiccups of overheating.

The North Face is one of the few companies that offer quality jackets with excellent durability and product flexibility if you are an active athlete and outdoor enthusiast.

The brand offers every style of jacket you may need, including softshells, hard shells, puffer jackets, down-insulated jackets, synthetic-insulated jackets, and more.

  • Comfort, Warmth and Fitness

You need a proper outer layer to enter the exhilarating cold weather experience. How do Wantdo and North Face jacket brands work in terms of comfort and warmth?

The Wantdo Maintain Ski Jacket offers ultimate warmth and superiority of comfort since it’s made from polyester fibers that create tiny holes to help trap warm air around the body. The fuzzy fleece-lined on the inner side of Wantdo jackets and hoods keeps the neck and the body warm.

Wantdo brand uses a fabric with a nice touch, and it can retain warmth for an extended period. In addition, the relaxed fit makes you look great and feel comfortable.

You can wear the Wantdo jacket over long sleeve shirts and sweaters during the extra cold days. The 1200 grams of cotton padding of Wantdo jackets ensure that the cloth can sustain the optimal body heat level without you feeling any discomfort. Wantdo Mountain Ski jackets are made for active uses- it’s very flexible to walk within snow areas.

North Face jackets have a soft feeling that makes you feel like you’re walking around the clouds. In addition, the retro-styling gives a more advanced comfortability, especially on a chilly morning.

The warmth of the North Face jacket is unmatched. It allows you to withstand the freezing temperatures effortlessly. North Face uses ThermoBall insulation to keep the jacket warm. It’s eco-friendly synthetic insulation that is made from the PrimaLoft material.

The fibers cluster together and trap heat that keeps the body warm. The technology is much celebrated because it holds body warmth even if the jacket is wet. The mechanism is hypoallergenic and more affordable. The ThermoBall insulation of the North Face jacket makes it slim and lightweight.

  • Waterproof and Windproof

Wantdo and North Face jackets are waterproof and windproof. However, North Face jackets tend to stand out more because of the patented Heatseeker insulation, a water-repellent material made from 100% recycled polyester.

Wantdo is also a rain jacket that protects you from hard rain, harsh snow, or strong wind. The outer shell has seam-seal a more substantial layer of protection against moisture and freezing temperatures. It also ensures that the jacket dries quickly.

The North Face brand uses Dryvent fabric to keep jackets waterproof and windproof. The fabric is breathable, making the jackets more comfortable. If you sweat, the moisture is wicked quickly.

  • Durability

North Face and Wantdo jackets are made from 100% durable polyester fibers that are light to keep you feel free during winter sports. Wantdo can withstand vigorous outdoor activities but can tear with improper sizing.

It’s essential to consider machine or light hand washing to maintain the integrity of any jacket’s delicate lining and fabric.

Wantdo and North Face jackets can serve you for over three years with proper care and maintenance. The most important thing is that all brands will still keep cold outside and your body warm.

  • Flexibility

Unlike various technical shells, the North Face jacket has a relaxed fit due to its polyurethane coating, making the outer layer soft and cozy. Wantdo jackets also have polyurethane material. Therefore, the aspect of flexibility is not compromised.

Due to the excellent flexibility of the two jacket brands, you can wear them in any form of outdoor activity. You will enjoy and have better spots of versatility and responsiveness.

The Bottom Line

Wantdo and North Face jackets have a relaxed fit and superb design, with various classic color options to consider. Both are lightweight and breathable, made from polyurethane. They are waterproof and water-repellant. The multiple pockets offer safe storage for your essential items as you explore.

Any option is best for you if you’re a devoted ski enthusiast. However, you need more money for North Face jackets that are a little bit expensive. They are worth the price because the latest technology features are incorporated for proper style, comfort, functionality, and fitness.

North Face jackets are built in layers. Therefore, the insulation is enough to keep you warm in extremely cold weather. The ski-specific features and styling also make it the best for casual wear. Unlike the Wantdo jacket brands, North Face jackets are light, and the fitting is somehow accurate.

Wantdo is affordable. It has a soft, comfortable lining for excellent body protection. If you want a cheaper multi-functional design jacket that is well-insulated, go for the Wantdo brand.