Sperry AO Vs Gold Cup

Sperry AO Vs Gold Cup

The Sperry Authentic Original and Gold Cups are both excellent shoes. But, are they the same? We will review and compare Sperry Gold Cup Series Boat Shoes vs the AO/Authentic Original Sperry Top-Siders. So read on to know the difference between Sperry’s authentic original and the gold cup.

Sperry AO Vs Gold Cup: Side-by-Side Comparison

Starting with the originals, the best part about these shoes is that they’re designed to remain as comfortable as possible. Once broken in and washed or soaked at least once, they become much more like your second skin; they keep you as cool and comfortable as a pair of flip-flops due to the rough grain of the leather used in the interior.

That said, though, walking with the Originals for a distance can be somewhat tiring considering that there’s little-to-no impact absorption in the original sole. And on that note, you might want to check out the Gold Cups.

If you’re looking for just about the same look and design featured by the Originals, but you want to be able to stand and walk for hours without getting aching tired feet, and of course without feeling every twig and pebble as you walk, then the Gold Cups is a great recommendation.

Moreover, when it comes to comfort, the Gold Cups are indeed better compared to even wearing sneakers and socks. This is in fact one of the main aspects that make them worth the extra money.

Even so, there are some aspects of the Originals that you might prefer over the Gold Cups. One of them is that Originals are designed to terminate lower on the instep such that more of the foot is exposed, and are rather more shallow and somehow look smaller. And whether worn with shorts or jeans, Originals boasts a timelessly cool look about them.

The Gold Cup looks fairly similar to the originals, but the walking sole and lengthier top make them appear a bit more conservative. Not so bad to be considered an old man’s shoe, like some other Sperrys, but they’re certainly not as hip as the Originals.

One of the Gold Cups’ advantages is also one of their disadvantages. The plush hide inside with memory foam below might stick to wet feet. And strolling around on a hot day can cause your feet to become moist. Of course, on a boat, there is a strong likelihood that the ocean or lake may wet the shoes at some time, producing a similar effect- but the insole of an original is the rough side of the hide and is less likely to cling to the sole of your foot.

After a cold soapy wash and rinse, the Originals will look brand new and dry in an hour in front of a cool room breeze. And the inside smell is that of new leather. Most likely, the Gold Cups, with their memory foam and deerskin inside, will take longer to dry after a wash.

Lastly, Gold Cups are available in different widths, so if you are a 9.5 wide, you do not have to settle for a 10 medium. You can get a shoe that fits properly.

Sperry Authentic Original

Having been around for over 70 years, the Authentic Original men’s boat shoe continues to set the bar for comfort and style both on and off the water, with classic, hand-sewn leather construction and current materials and designs.

You can choose the iconic, classic brown leather Sperry original 2-eye boat shoe, or step it up with one of our chukka boots, which have an upgraded design along with our Authentic Original style.

Moreover, colors ranging from deep red to brilliant yellow make the Sperry A/O classic as expressive as you are, and you can even design your own for a really unique appearance. Authentic Original men’s boat shoes meanwhile will be there to support you through life’s experiences, with a legacy as long and proud as the Sperry brand itself.

Sperry Gold Cup

The Sperry Gold Cup, on the other hand, is as attractive and well-made as you’d expect them to be. And even though the fit might be slightly on the narrower side (especially for someone with wide feet, the Sperry Gold Cup is a great recommendation overall.

You can have them as your go-to casual wear, thanks to the best and one of the most comfortable moccasins at this price point. The Gold Cup model is very nice and features a great aniline-looking finish with very subtle highs and lows noticeable in the leather.

Inside, the shoes are very well-lined, soft, and amazingly comfortable. That means you can have them in both warm and colder climates; most people found them comfortable either way. These shoes are also excellent when paired with shorts and no socks- and of course, they’re comfortable with socks too if that’s your thing.

The quality of these shoes is amazing too, with a flawless finish, and they are lined with buttery soft leather and feature a “memory foam” footbed that is very comfy and gives more arch support than most other shoes out there. There is no break-in time; what you get here’s simply improved comfort right out of the box.

The sole featured in these shoes is made of two pieces: a thin (approximately 8mm) layer that contacts the pavement, bonded to a larger, primary plate that meets the leather.

Final Words

We hope that this article has been useful in showing you the differences between the two classic Sperry boat shoes. In summary, Sperry A/O’s are known to be more versatile and can be dressed up or down, while Gold Cups are more preppy/classic. 

The AO’s are also generally less expensive. Lastly, Gold Cups are available in different widths of Gold Cups and a variety of colors and patterns, while Sperry A/O’s are typically solid colors. Both options have numerous positive reviews and given that they both come from a reputable brand, it’s easy to say they’re all great shoes.