Sanuk Vs Olukai

Sanuk Vs Olukai

For most people, summer can rarely be memorable without the magical sounds of flip-flops. Flip-flops are available in different designs and styles, including day-to-night options. Some brands offer simple sandals that have massaging footbed and excellent arch support.

When looking for the best flip-flops for hiking, the topmost options that will likely cloud your mind are the Sanuk and Olukai sandals. The two sandals brands are supportive and comfortable.

Regardless of the dressing style, you need footwear that is easy to wear, breathable and perfect to help you navigate the all-terrain area of your travel destination.

Now, what is the difference between the Sanuk and Olukai flip-flops? Which among the two is the superior brand? Continue reading to find all answers to these questions. Let’s get started;

Sanuk Vs Olukai: Differences

  • Sanuk

Comfy boots are your number one priority when going for an adventure. However, walking boots don’t make your feet breathe. Sanuk flip-flops are ready to help you walk through rough terrain and offer a chance for your feet to breathe.

Sanuk flip-flops are manufactured from genuine yoga mats. They are light and easy to pack. Whichever the type of attire you have, you can complement it with Sanuk.

Why Choose Sanuk?

Sanuk footwear brand is widely known as an extremely comfortable option. You can wear them for long hours, and your feet won’t have any problem. According to some individuals, Sanuk is helpful if you have fibromyalgia. It helps in alleviating chronic foot pain.

Sanuk are the best for hiking because they are light, relatively thin and crunchy. Even when the luggage space is limited, you can find a space to squeeze them.

Therefore, it doesn’t add too much weight to your travelling essentials, but you will reach your destination knowing that you’ve reliable shoes on board.

Sanuk has a yoga mat cushioning that makes it regain its original shape instantaneously. The feature ensures the scandal doesn’t get flat and creates impressions of your foot.

The bounce-back technique leaves no impression on the toes or foot even when you wear them for two years. They feel like you’re walking over the clouds.

Sanuk flip-flops are perfect for individuals looking for a pair of shoes that can serve two travelling duties. They work as casual run-around shoes and shower sandals.

Some footwear brands have a break-in period. Fortunately, Sanuk flip-flops don’t have any. The lightly padded straps ensure you don’t experience frictional rubs or blisters.

Sanuk, don’t lose traction. The slightly textured footbed and hardened EVA outsole offer lightweight traction from the outside.

If you like investing in flip-flops, Sanuk offers a variety of fun colors ranging from solid black to attractive brown. 

You can buy more than two pairs of Sanuk sandals with different color options. It will be enough to make you feel satisfied and look no further for any other type of sandal.

Sanuk sandals are true to size. They are also environmentally friendly since they are made from recycled yoga mats. The eco-friendly flip-flops are also made to ensure global sustainability. 

Finally, Sanuk sandals are long-lasting, and you can wear them for 2 to 9 years without skin or footbed issues.

Disadvantages of Sanuk

  • Minimal protection from sharp objects, especially from the underfoot
  • Not waterproof

  • Olukai

Olukai is a value-led company that manufactures quality beach sandals for both men and women. All varieties, ranging from shoes to flip flops, are made sustainable. The material also ensures that they are long-lasting, and you don’t have to replace them more often.

The sandals are designed to offer ultimate comfort during warm weather. That includes events ranging from a beach vacation to walking around your home or town during summer.

The key features of Olukai include the compression-mounded EVA foam midsoles that make the footbed contour rather than being a flat piece of foam or rubber.

The innovation is intended to offer the underfoot adequate support for you to wear over long periods. EVA foam is used in most footwear, including running shoes.

Why Choose Olukai?

The rubber soles have traction ridges making them effective and able to offer sufficient grip on dry and wet surfaces. 

It’s worth highlighting that Olukai sandals have water-resistant synthetic leather that forms a soft lining. The soft nylon between the first two toes boosts comfort.

All the Olukai features discussed above make it the most versatile footwear brand for you to wear in summer. Especially if you’re looking for flip-flops, you can take them camping, beach vacation or boating, among other travels. They are durable to withstand frequent wear and tear.

According to various customer reviews, the comfort aspect of the Olukai flip flop is rated at 9.5/10, while design and functions are ranked at 9.1/10. Compared to Sanuk, Olukai footwear is more durable because it is made from rigid materials that can resist harshness.

Most individuals prefer Olukai flip-flops because they have supportive beds that make them comfortable and gentle on your feet.

In addition, its versatility makes them the ideal slip-on for beach vacations or even the casual dinners.

Notably, there is a wide array of color options of Olukai footwear to choose from. Therefore, you will find any color to complement your style without too many highlights.

According to orthopedic surgeons Olukai sandals are great for people with heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

They have generous toe boxes that allow toes to spread out naturally. They feel like they are barefoot in the wet sand. It has better balance and give the foot little to no stress.

Disadvantages of Olukai

  • Olukai is more expensive than the other beach flip-flops like Sanuk. They are also available in full sizes only.
  • They are heavy