Rainbow classic vs Premier Leather

Rainbow Classic vs Premier Leather

Rainbow sandals are some of the most comfortable and durable flip-flops available in the market these days. They were first manufactured in 1972. Rainbow Sandals feel great, look good and don’t wear out easily. Each pair is carefully handcrafted using special glue that keeps the layers and straps together.

Generally, Rainbow sandals promote environmental conservation and sustainability since they’re eco-friendly. In addition, the brand has a philosophy of Repair, Reuse and Recycling.

There are different varieties of Rainbow sandals, especially when it comes to the type of material used to cover the double or single layers. Each Rainbow sandal option is comfortable and long-lasting.

Some famous Rainbow sandals are the Rainbow classic leather sandals and Rainbow premier leather sandals. What is the difference between the two? How long do they last?

Rainbow classic vs Premier leather: Difference

The same company manufactures both classic leather and Premier leather sandals. However, the difference is based on the fact that the Classic leather has a smooth texture and shiny finish.

On the other hand, the Premier Leather has no shiny surface. The upper surface of Premier leather sandals has a suede-like texture.

Rainbow classic and premier leather sandals last for more than two years with moderate regular use.

Can You Wet Rainbow Sandals

Rainbow Sandal company recommends that you try keeping your sandals dry. Even though they feel comfortable being worn at the beach, please don’t paddle with them.

Leather Rainbow Sandals shouldn’t be submerged in water because the leather can crack, and the sole is delaminated.

If you get your Rainbow sandals wet, it’s recommended that you leave them in the sun to dry out. Unfortunately, your sandals might curl up, but they will return to shape.

Can You Wash Rainbow Leather Sandals?

Leather is strong and durable. It’s also flexible and soft. Rainbow leather sandals make your feet feel luxurious, and it allows the skin to breathe during hot days. Like all of your shoes, Rainbow leather sandals need cleaning.

Whether it’s that soft and shiny classic leather or the primer leather with a suede feel and no shine, you should clean your sandals. Now, what will you do, especially with the belief that leather and water are not well compatible?

Washing most shoes typically involves the use of soap and water. The two elements are quite harsh to organic materials like leather. Therefore, it’s good to wash your rainbow leather sandals with a soft, damp cloth and a brush.

The water should have little liquid soap. In addition, you can opt to treat your Rainbow Leather Sandals with the Leather conditioner. Avoid immersing the leather sandals completely in water. Too much water will likely cause leather damage.

Another essential thing to consider is, can you put your leather sandals in a washing machine? The answer is no.

You shouldn’t machine wash your leather sandals because full submersion of the sandal into the moisture damages the sensitive leather material.

Leather has natural moisture that might be lost when you wash and leave them in the sun to dry. That is the reason they crack.

How to Fix Wet Rainbow Sandals

Allowing your sandals to stay damp for an extended period will cause the leather to become stiff, leading to leather splitting. Chemicals, oils, and lotion affect the sole of your sandal.

When leather breaks, the guarantee is voided, and you cannot request a replacement from the Rainbow sandals company. However, even if the leather on your Rainbow sandal is damaged to some degree, you can still repair it.

Remember that it’s not recommended that you use a blow dryer or any other direct heat source to dry leather sandals before using the fast restoration procedures.

If you do so, the cracked state of the leather sandal might worsen. As a result, avoid using a blow or hair dryer to dry Leather sandals. Instead, leave them to air dry away from direct sunlight.

​Can You Wear Rainbow Sandals in the Rain?

​If you don’t use your Rainbow sandals often during the rainy season, they won’t be damaged. However, if you use them in the rain daily, they might have some complications.

Constant contact with water might cause the sandal’s leather to become too stiff. If you don’t take proper care of such stiff leather, it may break or fracture.

Therefore, it’s not good to wear leather sandals in the rain now and again. However, if you use them frequently in the rain, you may need to adhere to basic sandal maintenance routines.

Ensure they’re completely dry as soon as you come out of the rain to avoid further material damage.

Do Rainbow Sandals Run Small

Rainbow Sandals have received mixed reviews in terms of size. However, the majority of people claim that they run true to size or are somewhat too big. The Rainbow Sandals size chart is the safest option to help you know the correct size.

Many individuals also say that the sandals are tight at first but ease up as they break in. When you’re not wearing your sandals, a tennis ball or a water bottle can be put beneath the straps to loosen them.

The best way to ensure a good fit is to go by the sandal’s length in inches. Most customers measure a pair of sandals they already have and compare that to the Rainbow Sandals size chart. The ideal fit would be for your foot to fit exactly on the bed without the heel or toes hanging off the edge.

What is the difference between double layer and Single layer sandals?

Double and single layer sandals have arch support. The difference is based on the extra layers of the Double layer sandals, which raise the toe-heel level by 5/16th of an inch.

If you need extra cushion sandals, it’s recommended that you wear a double-layer sandal, especially if you’re used to wearing insoles or have high foot arches.