PSD vs. Ethika

PSD vs. Ethika

PSD is the manufacturer of high-quality athletic underwear. The underwear has odor-killing antimicrobial technology and is designed to fit your body perfectly rather than only offering stretching capabilities.

On the other hand, Ethika is the leading lifestyle brand and an underwear producer. Their gentle underwear has a seductive gaze and emphasizes more on the aspects of comfort and quality.

Generally, PSD and Ethika are reputable manufacturers of underwear that are the essential wears you need to incorporate into your wardrobe. The biggest question that most people ask is how PSD and Ethika compare.

Are you also curious to know the difference between PSD and Ethika? The significant difference between PSD and Ethika underwear is the material used. PSD is made from synthetic material, while Ethika has cotton making it unsuitable to be worn for any form of physical activity.

Continue reading to find out all you need to know about PSD and Ethika Underwear.

PSD underwear Overview

PSD underwear has a unique styling that disrupts traditional fashion. It’s taking over the US market by storm.

The workout PSD underwear is perfect for long runs or chilling. It will also make you rock with an official or casual style without complaints.

PSD underwear is made from 12% spandex and 88% polyester. The materials make them quick-drying and award-winning in the game of comfort. In addition, they have moisture-wicking capabilities.

The breathable technology of PSDs makes them cool and dry on hotter days. The sealed pouch helps in nurturing the important bit and keeping them in the right position throughout the day.

The flex-fit flatlock of PSD underwear adds comfort and prevents the annoying itchiness typically caused by poor stitching technique. The Tagless back also offers a more sophisticated and pure luxury feeling. 

The elastic waistband and the compression fit at the legs opening keep PSD underwear in the right position even if you engage in vigorous activities that can easily throw out your clothing.

The antimicrobial technology of PSD underwear is the most celebrated advancement. When you wear it, you’re well safeguarded from any form of disease-causing microorganisms. Even if you sweat excessively, the wicking properties will lock out the moisture keeping the skin dry and free from germs.

The 7-panel structure design of PSD underwear fits your body well. Apart from design, PSD underwear has pure stretch that doesn’t degrade easily.

PSD’s radical fashion style complements the meticulously manufactured poly-blend fabric. The athletic underwear fits all ages perfectly. You only have to pick the right size.

Generally, PSD Underwear wicks moisture away, has breathable mesh fabric, and is incredibly soft, making it the most luxurious underwear.

PSD Brand

PSD is a mid-size men’s underwear firm that operates the e-commerce site. It offers discounts and promotions to its consumers regularly.

PSD Underwear has a mixed bag of reviews on Knoji, with 72 reviews and an average 2.8-star rating.

PSD Underwear Company outperforms other men’s underwear manufacturers in terms of e-commerce features, offering 19 to serve its clients better.

Ethika Underwear Overview

The Ethika underwear features a six-inch inseam and is composed of super-soft modal yarn. It provides ultimate comfort by staying in position, not riding up or down, and being just soft enough. Unfortunately, the six-inch inseam seems too long for some men.

Most people tend to celebrate the quality and comfort of Ethika underwear. They are cute and offer a velvety embrace to the genitals.

Although they’re called modal underpants, they’re made up of 55% cotton, 37% modal, and 8% spandex. Modal and its high-end equivalent, MicroModal, are great materials for underwear, and they’re usually combined with a little spandex to keep their form.

Cotton material works great with Ethika. The result is silky underwear that keeps its shape throughout the day and doesn’t become blousy or bunched up. They’ll stay flush with your skin from when you put them on to when you take them off.

In addition, they won’t be an issue beneath your trousers, whether you’re wearing a three-piece suit or casual shorts.

Ethika underwear isn’t soft like the other modal brands due to the cotton in the fabric combination. They tend to feel cold and breezy throughout the day, nearly having a moist sensation.

Ethika underwear isn’t quite as soft and sumptuous, but it certainly doesn’t skimp on comfort. They feel great when you first put them on but lose their form and are highly prone to bunching towards the end of the day.

Ethika is in the center of the pricing range. However, they’re not as costly as PSD.

Ethika Brand

Ethika is a men’s underwear retailer with an online store at Ethika’s products and services are sold in the men’s underwear market.

When it comes to discounts and coupons, Ethika is a less active brand. On Knoji, Ethika has a mixed bag of reviews. The 60 ratings give it an average of 3.0 stars.

Ethika performs below average compared to PSD because they offer only one e-commerce tool to serve their clients.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Underwear

  • Trim and Fabric

There are a lot of underwear fabric options to consider. Let’s concentrate on the two most common materials: cotton and microfibers.


Cotton underwear is breathable, comfortable, and soft. Unfortunately, they don’t last as long as synthetic underwear because they might get distorted and stretched. Cotton underwear is also unsuitable for exercising since it collects moisture but does not wick it away.


Because the threads used to manufacture the fabric are finer, microfibers are often composed of synthetics such as polyester. That gives them a considerably softer feel.

Synthetic undergarments have a smooth, cool, and super-soft feeling. In addition, the cloth is often thinner than cotton. Use synthetic underwear for hiking, trekking, or camping. They wick moisture and dry quickly.


It would be best if you also consider the underwear’s trim, such as elastics, lace, or piping. They should stretch with the cloth to avoid tearing, but they shouldn’t itch or irritate your skin.

  • Stitching and Seams

Many firms save production expenses via stitching instead of using faster and cheaper alternatives. Take your time while searching for underwear to check the stitching technique.

Is there any slack in the stitching? Is it too tight, causing the cloth to pucker? Does the cloth expand the same amount as the seams? Are there any dangling threads? Is the cloth folded and then sewn, or is it folded and then stitched?

Finding a pair of underwear with a fair bit of elasticity in the sewing thread is the perfect compromise. The stitching phase of the underwear construction is very important because if the thread breaks, it will unwind, and your underwear will fall apart. That is something that no one desires.

  • Fit and Size

You need to figure out what works well for your body. Use the sizing charts found in official websites.

  • Washability

Choose the underwear that is easy to clean and doesn’t get detached with frequent cleaning. Avoiding the dryer’s heat is vital since the heat physically drains away at the elastic fibers.