Is It Worth It to Resole Birkenstocks

Is It Worth It to Resole Birkenstocks

Birkenstock is among the best shoe brands in the world. The company has been serving the footwear industry for more than 200 years. Birkenstocks are long-lasting and sturdy sandals that you can wear for many years. Therefore, with a prolonged period of wear and tear on exposure to harsh outdoor environments, the sole of Birkenstocks can wear out.

Luckily, even if the outsole of your Birkenstocks gets damaged, you can always get a sole replacement. That means that you should not throw away your old pair of Birkenstocks. Therefore, you can approach various Birkenstock repair shops and ask them to turn your old pair of Birkenstocks into something new.

It’s worth it to resole your Birkenstocks because the cost of a new pair of Birkenstocks is approximately $100, while you will need only $50 for the sole repairs in Old Birkenstocks. 

Therefore, it’s cheaper to replace the outsole of old Birkenstocks than to buy a new pair of sandals. Remember that some other cobblers are known to replace the sole of Birkenstocks at a lower price without compromising the quality and beauty of the final work.

According to the manufacturer, Birkenstocks soles are replaceable. Third-party repair shops are allowed to replace the soles of the old Birkenstocks. Therefore, you’re tasked to find the right cobber who will guarantee the correct replacement of the various parts of Birkenstocks.

After replacing the sole of Birkenstocks, they will look brand new. Apart from resoling, the cobblers also clean and polish the uppers. Since the process is meticulous and keen on details, it might be hard to recognize your shoe after the entire procedure.

Replacement of Birkenstock soles lengthen the helpful life of your favourite pair. It’s not just less expensive, but it’s also greener. Resoling your worn-out shoes might help you reduce carbon impact. Repairing damaged sandals is more ecologically beneficial than purchasing new ones.

Care and Maintenance Tips Of Birkenstocks

The best walking partner is a pair of Birkenstock sandals. Check it frequently or consult with shoe and sandal care specialists if you want more enjoyment from your walking experience.

Never forget that your Birkenstock sandals might lose their attractiveness with any treatment or cleaning. Your footwear will last longer if you follow the straightforward maintenance guidelines. The durability of shoes and sandals also varies from one individual to another.

Birkenstocks are reliable investment options. Therefore, they will remain functional for a very long time if you take good care of them. The maintenance you provide and how frequently you use them will primarily affect how long they last.

  • Avoid Exposing Them To Too Much Heat

Keep Birkenstocks sandals away from intense or direct heat. Under conditions of extreme heat, the cork footbeds and EVA soles of Birkenstocks may not hold up properly because the cork may dry up and crack.

The cork will dry out if you get them wet, so you should avoid doing that. Should your Birkenstocks become wet, avoid “quick fix” drying techniques. Air drying them slowly and carefully is the only effective method.

  • Keep The Cork Closed

Another method for extending the life of your Birkenstocks is to keep the leather and cork sole clean. The probability that your Birkenstock will last long may also be increased by routinely sealing the cork.

Your Birkenstocks should have a robust and vibrant cork footbed, but it might dry up, turn dull, or even crack after time. To prevent this, you need Birkenstock Cork Sealer, and you can count on your Birkenstocks to last a lifetime.

  • Maintain Fresh Smells

The comfort and fragrance of Birkenstocks have made them popular. The latter is brought on by contact with bare feet, sweating, and the weather. Being expected, it is a common condition.

Fortunately, it may also be readily cured with delicate loving care. If you detect a faint aroma from your sandals, get a bottle of Birkenstock’s Cleaner and Refresher to keep them fresh and feeling comfortable for a long time.

  • Keep Water Stains Away

Your Birkenstocks’ uppers are made of leather, suede, or nubuck, with the cork footbed serving as the sole. Birkenstock Water and Stain Repellent can help preserve these textiles from water damage.

If your uppers are covered with dirt, filth, or loose debris, use a brush to get rid of them. Use a soft brush to restore the fabric’s natural nap, then let it air dry.

  • Wash Out The Stains Gently

The black footprint stains that develop over time on the cork footbeds of Birkenstocks may be rather unpleasant. But don’t worry, all you need is a basin of warm water, soap and a towel to clear them out.

Clean any stains or footprint traces gently with a cloth, then allow the cloth to air dry at room temperature. Remember that intense heat or direct sunlight might ruin your Birkenstocks for good.

The Bottom Line

The brand Birkenstock is commonly mentioned while discussing long-lasting, fashionable sandals. One of the top sandal brands is Birkenstock, well-known for its moulded footbeds and practical designs.

The fact that Birkenstock sandals can survive for a very long period does not imply that they should always look excellent. The soles can become damaged with time, especially in an outdoor setting. However, the good news is that your investment will not get lost.

Your worn-out pair of Birkenstocks can be restored at a repair shop, so there’s no need to throw them out. The following are a few of the available Birkenstocks repairs:

  • Replacement of footbed: Everything is changed, save for the pickles and straps that came with it. If you see significant cork breaks or soles have worn through to the cork, you should replace the footbed. The replacement comes with a brand-new sole and standard footbed.
  • Resole: This is the best option for Birkenstocks with tread issues. The sole is changed, and the entire cork region is resealed.
  • Wedge-shaped heels: If the treads on the heels are smooth or less than 1/16 inches of thickness is still present along the heel, this is the ideal repair. The repair entails replacing the worn-out EVA in the heel area and resealing the whole exposed cork area.

Repairing sandals will only cost half what buying a new pair would, saving you money. Therefore, replacing the sole is less expensive than purchasing a new pair of Birkenstock.

You may even locate several repair services that will fix your Birkenstocks for less money. All you have to do is conduct thorough research.

The company makes it apparent that most of the components of their sandals can be changed. Therefore, in addition to these, the soles of Birkenstocks are guaranteed to be removable.However, you must ensure that the cobbler only employs genuine components in your sandals.