How to Keep Buttons from Coming Undone

How to Keep Buttons from Coming Undone

After fastening the buttons of your shirt, you expect the controllers to remain closed until the ideal moment when you can undo them. Unfortunately, such rarely happens for some of the dress shirts and any other type of cloth that is closed with buttons.

Even after fastening the button tightly, you will still find it undone after some time. It’s a frustrating experience when you’re forced to button your shirt every moment they pop open. Luckily, there are some techniques and practices you can adopt to prevent the buttons from coming undone awkwardly.

  •  Stick To High-Quality Buttons

Quality of the buttone determines their possibility of coming undone unintentionally. High-quality buttons rarely pop open, unlike low-quality ones that get undone more often.

If your shirt has cheap and low-quality materials, button detachment will be a recurring problem. Choose a shirt with high-quality buttons crafted by experts from premium materials.

Now, how will you know about clothes with quality buttons? Typically, shirts made from sturdy materials tend to be slightly expensive. They are the best pieces of investment that will give you the joy you want in your style. You will always look clean and neat since the button doesn’t pop out to leave your body exposed unnecessarily.

  • Be Cautious When Fastening And Unfastening The Buttons

You must be gentle when handling the dress shirt buttons. Avoid forcing them inside or outside the tiny holes of the fabric. If you struggle to fasten the buttons, please stay calm and investigate how you can maneuver the holes.

If you’re aggressive and rough while fastening or unfastening the buttons. In that case, you will weaken the fibers and even enlarge the holes on the shirt, making the buttons easier to open effortlessly. In the worst situations, the buttons can break.

  • Make Smaller Holes

If you’ve never hesitated to handle a needle and thread, you can create a smaller button hole on your shirt. In addition, you can use the same technique to tighten the buttonholes of the shirt that you’ve worn for some time despite having bigger buttonholes.

Buttons are more likely to get undone when the buttonholes are large. Remember not to make the buttonholes too small and tight that it will be stressful when closing or opening the controllers.

To make smaller holes on your shirt, ensure that the needle has a good thread that you can take around the buttonholes. Make the thread tight or loose depending on the fitness you want for your buttons.

  • Choose Customized Shirts

Another tip to avoid the headache of buttons coming undone is buying a custom-sized shirt. The varieties are made with an emphasis on quality and fitness. It would be best if you also considered buying from professional craftsmanship to ensure that your cloth has quality that you deserve.

Buttons won’t be an issue when the shirt is made according to your specifications since the body measurements are accurate. When the body measurements are not right, you will have a smaller shirt that is very tight, and the buttons are subjected to irresistible force, making them pop open.

Moreover, the customized shirts have more quality buttons than the generic shirts. As stated above, you need high-quality buttons for your cloth to prevent them from getting undone often.

  • Replace The Buttons

Small buttons can easily work their way out of the buttonhole. You can replace the buttons that pop open easily with bigger options. To replace smaller buttons, you need a thread and a needle. It would be best if you also had expertise in ensuring that the button is secured to the fabric.

  • Use The Double-Sided Tapes

Double-sided tape is the quickest way to fix the button that gets undone easily. It has adhesive on the two sides. On the other hand, one-sided tape has an adhesive on one end. If your shirt’s button continuously pops open, you can install a small strip of double-sided tape.

It will help if you place a double-sided adhesive tape on the affected button. The button will always remain in its recommended position. Another benefit of double-sided tape is that other people won’t notice. It will remain hidden while ensuring that the buttons of your shirt are well secured throughout the day.

  • Wear Thin Undershirts

Please choose the thin undershirt if you feel comfortable wearing the undershirt with the dress shirt. A thick undershirt makes the buttons of the dress shirt pop open due to increased pressures from the inside.

In addition to opening some of the buttons of the dress shirt, a thick undershirt will also push against it and even make the dress shirt lose some important threads or tear up.

The thin undershirt is paramount if you want to have the dress shirt button that is well-fastened and doesn’t get undone anytime. Undershirts made from cotton or linen materials are the best. Apart from being soft, they are also thin. You can again wear nylon or cotton undershirts without the fear of getting the button undone.

Wool undershirts are thick. Naturally, you can’t compare the thickness of nylon and cotton. You can wear a woolen jacket but avoid wearing a woolen undershirt. The woolen undershirt has an enormous fabric that will push out the buttons.


Don’t allow one or more buttons to prevent you from wearing your favorite dress shirt. You can employ many hacks to prevent the button from popping open. It will also make you feel comfortable throughout the day.

Some of the quickest interventions that you can use to prevent your shirt’s button from coming undone is replacing the button with a high-quality alternative that is relatively bigger or creating smaller buttonholes.

Moreover, you can choose to have customized shirts with solid buttons. Double-sided adheres are the best options when you don’t want to replace the button, and the buttonhole is small.