Honeylove vs. Shapermint

Honeylove vs. Shapermint

Every woman’s dream is to have a shape like those seen in photoshopped bodies in magazines. As you strive to get the desired shape, you must instill enough confidence and persistence. There is nothing wrong if you aim to get an hourglass shape.

Shapewear is available to help you bulge the bra, smooth out the muffin top and enhance the back rolls for a flawless appearance. Over the years, several shapewear companies have emerged to meet the diverse customer requirements of modern shapewear options. Honeylove and Shapermint are famous shapewear companies with unique products.

Benefits of Shapewear

Shapewear is an undergarment that covers the body areas that you don’t intend to display- for example, the bulges and rolls. It also improves the garment’s fitness and general appearance to make you feel confident and attractive. Shapewear reduces the chafing of tight garments.

Some of the common shapewear includes shaping bras, shorts, bodysuits, camis, briefs, girdles, and corsets. Different varieties of shapewear can be worn with different types of clothes. You only need to ensure that it’s perfectly hidden beneath the dress. Shapewear can offer unnoticeable panty lines or the bra strap bulges while offering a smooth, seamless appearance.

This article has the details that will help you differentiate between Honeylove and Shapermint. There are several shapewear brands in the market, but Honeylove and Shapermint are the leading brands that offer high-quality items.

Generally, Honeylove and Shapermint are famous shapewear brands that offer similar products that are custom-tailored to serve the same purposes; to give you a smooth figure and to boost your confidence. However, some factors differentiate Honeylove and Shapermint. Let’s check out.

Honeylove vs. Shapermint: Comparison Table

Specifications Honeylove Shapermint
Shapewear types shorts, cinchers, briefs, thongs, bodysuits, bras, and underwear shorts, briefs, thongs, cinchers, tanks, camis, slips, bras, underwear, and bodysuits
Discounts and promotions  Frontline worker discount

Military discount 

No discounts and promotions offered
Free shipping availability Available for all purchase orders Available only for sales over $70
Memberships services Honeylove Loyalty Club:  You earn points from purchases, writing reviews and following social accounts. You can redeem the points on your next purchase. 

Test the new products, and earn special discounts even on your birthday. 

Membership services not available 
Offers tops, leggings, and pants leggings, pants, and hosiery
Pricing Cami Bodysuit – $99 Curveez Comfort Evolution Full Body Shaper – $40
Return policy 30-day returns or exchanges 60-day returns or exchanges
The Plus sizes XS to 3XL XS to 4XL

Honeylove vs. Shapermint: Quality

In most cases, shapewear is expensive. Therefore, you should get a quality brand that is worth your money. Quality shapewear is the one that maintains its value and doesn’t reap off easily on a hot day.

Honeylove uses spandex and nylon as the primary materials. In addition, the brand includes compression levels and sculpt-tech functionalities on the garments.

Honeylove is more inclined to sustainability than Shapermint. It performs well when it comes to minimizing waste. In terms of shapewear effectives, Honeylove and Shapermint undergo 1 to 2 years of testing before they’re available in the market.

Shapermint uses spandex and nylon as the core materials. The company also includes innovative features like Vitamin E-infused yarns and the Slip straps into the tanks and camis. The compression degrees of the Shapermint also vary within the different levels of your tummy.

Winner: Honeylove

  • The Honeylove is more durable and reliable than the Shapermint. The brand is also more transparent for sustainability and souring. There is a guarantee that the Honeylove shapewear garments will serve you for several years since they undergo vigorous testing.

Honeylove vs. Shapermint: Promotions and Discounts

Bargaining is an acceptable method used by the buyer to make savings. Which company between Honeylove and Shapermint offers its customers the best discount and promotion terms?

Honeylove brand offers a 20% off coupon for all the single items bought. Honeylove will promote you with 20% off for the final purchase if you’re a frontline worker. The friend referral program helps the Honeylove customers win a 20% discount for all successful referrals.

On the other hand, the Shapermint discount and promotions include the Black Friday offers in which the shapewear garments and sets are sold at 70% off. Shapermint offers the $20 coupon to all customers who successfully refer friends using an affiliate link. If you sign up for the Shapermint newsletter, the company will offer you 10% off.

Winner: Shapermint

  • The Shapermint brand helps customers to save more because of the various discounts and promotions available in significant percentages. It’s hard for customers to deny the sale outlet offer of Shapermint that Honeylove doesn’t have.

Honeylove vs. Shapermint: Shipping and Returns


  • Free delivery is offered on purchases of $75 or more.
  • Additionally, it provides worldwide shipping in a few nations, including Canada and Australia.
  • Has a tracking number that clients may utilize
  • Offers free delivery and a 30-day return period
  • A few people voiced worries about the delivery being delayed


  • Offers free delivery on purchases worth $60 or more. Anything less than this is subject to a $7 flat fee.
  • Delivers internationally and domestically in a few places.
  • Provides a tracking number to customers (given in the confirmation email)
  • A 60-day Confident-Fit Guarantee covers products (with free shipping)
  • There are few shipping problems, according to customer reviews.

Winner: Shapermint

  • The shipping cost is low.

Honeylove vs. Shapermint: Price and Value

According to the product reviews, the bulk of Shapermint clothing appears to cost between $30 and $50. Customers can obtain a good deal for a well-made piece considering the cloth it employs. The Shapermint brand uses regular nylon and spandex suits, but it also has cool features like compression panels and non-slip technologies.

When it comes to shapewear, Honeylove is unquestionably on the pricey side. Some of its items cost between $70 and $80. Its components came with various edge-cutting features, like detachable gussets and bonded support. Additionally, most buyers expressed satisfaction with the performance of the Honeylove clothes.

Winner: Shapermint

  • Shapermint shapewears are available at low prices. Their value and quality lie in their simplicity.

Final Verdict

Shapermint is the brand to consider after adding up all the outcomes on discount and promotion, shipping and returns, price and value plus quality. The shapewear brand succeeds in striking a balance between price and quality. Naturally, a respectable business will sell its goods for fair prices and at a high standard.

If the label is excessively cheap or too pricey, it’s in poor taste since it could allude to a depleted money account or a fragile object. Because Shapermint focuses on simplicity rather than several modifications, it succeeds in finding that sweet spot. After all, the only thing that shapewear needs to accomplish is shaping the body.

Generally, it’s advised that you give Honeylove and Shapermint shapewear brands a try to find the bra line or any other underneath wear that offers a reasonable range of comfort and quality.