Filson vs. Barbour

Filson vs. Barbour

Jackets are an essential part of every wardrobe. They keep you warm, make you feel comfortable and well-protected from the detrimental elements. Most importantly, they make you appear fashionable.

If you’ve been thinking about a new jacket that you can add to your wardrobe, look no farther than Filson and Barbour. They are special and unique jacket brands in the apparel industry.

Whether you’re searching for a rugged-looking, robust, and durable outdoor jacket from Filson or a sophisticated, more formal waxed cotton jacket from Barbour, you’ll have a lot of options to select from.

Filson vs. Barbour: Differences

Barbour Filson
  • Casual clothing
  •  Primary material is the waxed cotton
  • Selection is focused on Style and appearance
  • Use different varieties of Wax cotton
  • Extensive industry-based clothing options
  • Multipurpose clothing
  • Multiple materials are used during production
  • Design is  driven by functionality
  • Suitable for  abroad spectrum of activities
  • Options are slightly limited

Let’s compare the two Jacket brands differently. After that, we will conclude and help you know the better option.

Filson Brand Overview

Filson Company is based in the United States and it was established by Clinton C. Filson in 1897. It’s the manufacturer of high-quality outdoor gears. The firm states that it offers clothing for “anyone who refuses to stay home” and the outdoor professionals.

Filson is a well-known maker of garments such as bags, caps, shirts, jeans, wallets, jackets, and coats. Their outdoor clothing is made from a variety of materials. The firm employs a variety of resources, ranging from natural to recycled materials, as part of ensuring environmental conservation and sustainability.

Vegetable-tanned leather, waxed cotton, Ripstop nylon, recycled fleece, 100 percent cotton, fleece, Rugged Twill, Tin Cloth, Down, Cover Cloth, canvas, Mackinaw wool, and military-grade ballistic nylon are among the materials and textiles used by Filson.

Filson’s jackets are made from canvas, fleece, down, regenerated polyester fleece, and Mackinaw wool. Tough outerwear made from these materials and textiles is noted for its cold-weather protection and durability. That is why you will wear Filson Jackets for decades with proper care and maintenance.

Filson makes some of their outdoor apparel with three-layer laminated fabric technology, such as the Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket. The Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket has a robust outer shell that can endure abrasion and punctures when hunting.

An outer shell with a waterproof membrane bonded to the internal layer and a thin brushed material laminated on the inside to preserve the waterproof membrane make up the three-layer fabric technology.

Filson also employs a two-layer fabric technique, with the waterproof membrane covered by a liner that is not connected to the fabric’s inner. The liner not only protects the membrane but also provides excellent insulation.

The 2.5-layer fabric technology of Filson covers the fused waterproof membrane with a printed-mesh grid and the two- and three-layer materials.

Filson’s Tin Cloth is treated with Oil Finish to make jackets that can endure tearing, punctures, and wind or water downgrading effects.

The firm saturates the woven canvas duck fabric with oil and molten paraffin wax under high pressure. The saturated mixture is heated to create the Oil Finish Tin Cloth fabric. The wax is then forced into cotton fibers by pressure and heat, resulting in a durable waxed cotton cloth.

  • Why Choose Filson?

Generally, Filson is a good brand. Its products are of high quality and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Filson jackets are worth your investment.

The firm produces robust, long-lasting jackets; you can expect a lot of value for your money since each garment lasts long, even under extreme weather conditions.

Barbour Brand Overview

Barbour is a well-known British luxury label noted for its waxed cotton jackets. That is why most people refer to all the waxed cotton jackets as the Barbour jackets. Barbour uses cotton, wool, canvas, tartan, fleece, nylon, moleskin, and polyester in its products.

Jackets from Barbour are manufactured from high-quality waxed cotton. Waterproof jackets are manufactured using fleece, nylon, and polyester, whereas wool jackets are cotton and wool.

Barbour waxed cotton jackets are expertly handcrafted, ensuring that, despite the company’s other products, it stays faithful to its heritage of waxed cotton jackets.

  • Why Choose Barbour?

Given that Barbour is regarded as a manufacturer of high-quality goods, you can be assured that your Barbour jackets are worth your money. Despite their high price, the coats are sturdy, attractive, and warm.

Filson Vs. Barbour: Which One Is Better?

Barbour and Filson’s brands manufacture high-quality products with global availability. It’s difficult to say which brand is superior to the other. However, a few factors may be used to differentiate the two brands.

Filson primarily manufactures jackets for men and women who work in outdoor professions such as hunting, ranching, forestry, and mining. Filson jackets are famous for being sturdy and long-lasting.

On the other hand, Barbour creates more formal clothing that appeals to a wider audience including children, women, and men. It includes a larger selection of jackets and a range of dog items.

Filson jackets, like the other items, are rather pricey. The firm prioritizes uniqueness and excellent quality, and it will not jeopardize its reputation or product quality by employing low-cost materials.

Barbour has a more extensive product assortment, so you’ll have more options at a lower price point.

When buying canvas jackets, consider parameters like durability, comfort, performance, style, and functionality.


  • Is Barbour a High-Quality Brand?

For a whole set of males from middle-class origins, Barbour is an attainable degree of luxury and prominence. To guys who are a bit more casual with their Style, the Barbour jacket is considered a timeless style and an easily recognized emblem of luxury.

  • Is Filson A Reputable Brand?

Filson makes high-quality jackets, hats, shirts, jeans, purses, and other accessories. Their cold-weather and wet-weather apparel are expertly manufactured, and their Tin Cloth collection is unrivaled. Filson is the best apparel brand profiled in terms of overall design and longevity.

  • What Is The Lifespan Of Waxed Cotton Fabric?

Waxed cotton can endure for years or decades, depending on the daily circumstances and how well it is cared for.