Ecco vs. Rockport

Ecco vs. Rockport

The biggest dilemma for sneaker enthusiasts is choosing between two great shoe brands. When comparing Ecco versus Rockport, the challenge becomes more complex and tricky.

Ecco and Rockport are the best shoes for sporting events and casual outfits. They have the celebrated superiority of comfort and admired durability.

Now, what is the difference between Ecco and Rockport? Ecco dress shoes are more expensive than Rockport because they are of superior quality. On the other hand, the ‘throwaway shoe’ from Rockport is exceptionally comfortable and long-lasting.

Rockport shoes have thin leather that doesn’t last very long. Ecco dress shoes are made of high-quality leather that will serve you for years to decades. Resoles are not available for Rockport or Ecco dress shoes.

However, compared to the synthetic soles of Ecco dress shoes, Rockport shoes have soft rubber soles that can break down quickly. That is why Rockport dress shoes are not recommended for daily use. They should only be worn on special occasions.

Ecco vs. Rockport: Comparison Table

Specifications Ecco Rockport
Country of Origin Denmark USA
Material Used Self-sourced leather  Full-grain leather, EVA sock liner and rubber outsole
Sole materail Polyurethane Rubber 
Waterproof capabilities Some have waterproof technology  Somehow waterproof and weatherproof
Comfort level Great Comfort Great Comfort
Usability status Separate shoe lines for casual wearing and outdoor activities Offer shoes and boots both for running, hiking and exercising
Sizing and fitness Run big to size True to size

Ecco vs. Rockport: Comfort

Ecco shoes are famous for their comfort. The insole is made from leather and a gentle fabric. The Leather Ecco shoes have elastic material on the two sides, so they can be opened widely. Therefore, the shoe is easy to wear.

The leather outsole of Ecco has shock absorption capabilities. According to various customer reviews, the aspect of comfort is topnotch. The shoe is perfect to work on all occasions, including hikes and ceremonies. Some Ecco options have straps that you need to tighten after ensuring that your feet slipped into the shoe appropriately.

The strap might be a source of discomfort since it can easily irritate the heels. It might also be cumbersome to wear and remove them more often. However, the straps help in boosting fitness of the sandals and prevent them from slipping off when you run or jump.

The ergonomic structure of Ecco shoes offers heel and arch support. Therefore, the shoe brand is suitable for people with flat feet.

Rockport shoe brand is never behind in terms of comfortability. They have comfy features that make them feel soft and smooth. The heel and arch support help solve problems associated with foot fatigue and the complications that can easily crop up with a flat foot.

The heel of Rockport shoes have a soft cushion that acts as a shock absorber. The technology is called truFLEX. It makes the shoe more comfortable to walk with them around the whole day. The rubber insole also makes the shoe sturdy and supportive for an extended period.

Rockport is flexible; therefore, it can support different foot movements. They are comfortable for standing and walking, among others.

  • Winner; Ecco

The comfortability of Rockport is less pronounced. The rubber sole gives better traction, but it takes a long time for the wearer to attain stability.

Ecco vs. Rockport: Shoe Style, Size, and Usability

Ecco shoes are designed to be used daily in a casual setting. The company has a separate range of trekking shoes in addition to casual ones. Ecco will supply you with comfy shoes that you may wear all day. In addition, most Ecco shoes run a size larger than your actual size.

Several customers have reported that Ecco is true to size. However, to help you decide which size to buy, visit their official website and have a look at many available shoe sizes.

Rockport shoes can’t also be worn daily because of the rubber sole susceptible to wear and tear. They’re only ideal if your everyday schedule entails little walking and standing for lengthy periods.

They’re also ideal for a wide range of terrain and weather conditions. Furthermore, they offer a distinct athletic shoe brand. Dickinson Men’s Leather Workout Lace-Up Hiking shoes may be used for hiking and working out.

  • Winner; Rockport

Rockport shoes are typically true to size. Ecco, on the other hand, tends to run a size bigger.

Ecco vs. Rockport: Durability

Ecco shoes are long-lasting. They have a durability advantage due to the high quality of the materials they are built of. To begin with, Ecco shoes are made from genuine leather.

In addition, they have a unique selling proposition in that no other big brand does so. The outer layer of leather is considered to be of considerably superior quality. Therefore it generally lasts a long time.

Their soles, on the other hand, are durable. They are made from polyurethane, which can withstand frequent tear and wear.

Ecco shoes are reported to be waterproof in addition to being able to endure wear and tear. Hydromax technology is used to keep water out. Ecco shoes have an average lifespan of 2 to 7 years.

However, with adequate maintenance and care, their life expectancy may be prolonged much further. According to some users, Ecco can last up to ten years.

Rockport shoes are also reliable when it comes to durability. They’re fashioned with full-grain or corrected-grain leather that’s claimed to stand up to the test of time. Some of their footwear is also waterproof.

The rubber sole can withstand normal wear and tear, but not hiking activities. Customers have praised Rockport’s comfort and durability in internet evaluations.

However, there have been a lot of complaints about Rockport’s durability. The criticisms against Rockport were a little more evident in terms of durability.

Wears frequently complain about the insole wearing out too quickly. Additionally, the stitching may fall free in rare circumstances.

  • Winner: Ecco

Ecco has received a lot of praise for its long-lasting shoes. The leather footbed is believed to last for 2 to 10 years. Users can change it with a more comfortable bottom because it is detachable.

Pros and Cons of Ecco Shoes


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Suitable for day-to-day activities
  • You don’t need to break in. Your feet just fit in.


  • Sizes run bigger
  • Expensive than Rockport

Pros and Cons of Rockport Shoes


  • Comfortable
  • Fewer foot blistering and fitting issues.
  • True to size


  • Not quite durable