Adore Me Vs. Savage Fenty

Adore Me Vs. Savage Fenty

The fashion industry is always changing, and new apparel is getting into the market daily. As the world gets more sophisticated, women’s lingerie options are also advancing. At one point in time, it was taboo to wear lingerie. Finally, we’ve overgrown the stigma attached to intimate products.

Currently, lingerie is delivered in different patterns, sizes, and styles. Along your shopping experience, you might have come along the two famous intimates: Adore Me and Savage Fenty. Adore me has served the lingerie field since 2012. The brand has significantly impacted the styling universe, and most people are falling for it. The biggest competitor of Adore Me is Savage Fenty.

The famous singer and renowned celebrity Rihanna is the owner of the lingerie brand called Savage Fenty. Since Rihanna is quite influential, Savage Fenty lingerie landed into the fashion industry with similar waves to that of Adore Me.

Now, between Adore Me and Savage Fenty, which is better? Continue reading the detailed comparison below to know the ideal lingerie brand that you should choose.

Adore Me VS Savage Fenty: Overview

Adore me is the reigning champion in the Lingerie industry with excellent subscription services. It’s a famous lingerie brand that offers inclusive sizing in all products.

The Adore Me brand has grown over time because its main focus is to offer quality, intimate products. That has enriched its brand as the most reputable and reliable.

Savage Fenty was introduced in 2018, and it’s quickly climbing the ranks. The accelerated shot to popularity of Savage Fenty lingerie is due to the celebrity status of the founder. 

Generally, the Savage Fenty brand offers unique, beautiful, intimate pieces that most customers love.

Since Adore Me and Savage Fenty are closely similar, here is a simplified comparison table of Adore Me vs. Savage Fenty.

Adore Me Savage Fenty
  • Receive 3-5 matching sets each month
  • Panty sizes XS-4XL
  • Option to skip any month
  • Offer Quality intimates which include bras, panties, and sleepwear
  • No expiration date on store credits
  • Free shipping
  • Curated subscription service$39.95 – $59.95 per month
  • Bra sizes 30A-46DDD
  • VIP membership priced at $49.95 per month
  • Store credits expire after 12 months
  • Pick your own pieces
  • Panty sizes XS–4XL
  • Option to skip any month
  • Monthly subscription service option
  • Free returns
  • Bra sizes 30A-46DDD

Adore Me vs. Savage Fenty: Similarities

Both brands offer high-quality intimates, which include loungewear, bras, sleepwear, lingerie, and panties. The monthly membership subscription is available on the two platforms. 

The subscription strategies help Adore Me, and Savage Fenty brands utilize the optimal methods that help them offer amazing product deals.

Adore Me Vs. Savage Fenty: Differences

  • Subscription Services

Adore me offers two service subscription options. The first is the VIP membership, which charges a monthly fee of $39.95. The credit doesn’t expire even if you skip the months specified. 

The biggest advantage of Adore Me subscription is that the credits are refundable without questions. That takes off the pressures that you need to remember monthly skipping. In addition, the membership can be canceled at any time.

The second membership plan of Adore Me is the Elite Box package. It’s a curated and personalized monthly box full of goodies. Elite Box membership works by the customer taking a style question first. The response helps stylists in picking the right piece for the customers.

Each box of the Elite Box membership varies in price. However, the $20 styling fee offers the same option. Adore Me offers 7 days for you to hand-pick the selected pieces, choose what you need to keep, and decide on what to return.

Savage Fenty has a famous XTRA VIP Membership subscription service. The package needs $49.95 monthly fees that you can spend in any way you like.

The XTRA VIP Membership is the best way that you can use to shop at Savage Fenty. The Savage Fenty guests can conduct their shopping experience without a membership subscription. Unfortunately, the deals might not be as good as those on subscription services.

You can also skip months as you would like with Savage Fenty subscription services. However, you must specify between the 1st and 5th of every month. If you forget to renew the subscription, you will be charged.

Luckily, the Savage Fenty credits won’t expire until 12 months are gone. Therefore you can use the credit any time you want. Savage Fenty subscription service does not call for too much commitment. You can cancel at any time you want.

  • Sizing

Adore Me brand has consistently been outstanding in the lingerie community because of its excellent size inclusivity. Adore Me bras have sizes that range from 30A to 46DDD. The panty sizes range from XS to 4XL.

On the other hand, the Savage Fenty brand offers the same size as those of Adore Me. Bras sizes range from 30A to 46DDD, and the panty sizes fall within XS and 4XL.

  • Style

Adore Me offers traditional style intimate pieces. Their products are classy, sweet, and feminine. Adore Me offers beautiful and comfortable lingerie, pastel, and laces.

Savage Fenty, on the other hand, is more inclined towards an edgier style for pieces with bright colors and shining patterns. The Savage Fenty aesthetics are also fun and bold. However, the brand has more traditional choices than aesthetic ones.

  • Quality

Adore Me intimate lingerie, and the other intimate products are made from quality and durable materials. The quality of Savage Fenty is somehow disappointing. Thousands of customer reviews complain about the weak fabric that makes the intimate pieces easy to break.

Final Verdict

Adore Me has a long-standing history in the lingerie community. Most women love it because of the style and quality. It also offers more subscription packages that are friendly to the user. The Adore Me company is more flexible with durable and high-quality intimate products. Savage Fenty brand has a true promise of size inclusivity like Adore Me. Rihanna’s brands also offer a wide selection of products with admirable designs.