Zhanna badoeva told about family life

Жанна Бадоева поведала о семейной жизни

Famous TV presenter Joan badoeva told about her family life with her husband Vasily Melnichny, informs

As you know, he is the third husband of Budgewoi.

According to her, Basil is able to prevent conflicts before they occur.

It turns out that Jeanne is a very short-tempered and irritable woman, and to sustain its character, not everyone can.

“Take me out maybe anything! For example, I asked Bob to bring me coffee, and I receive it only from the fifth reminder”,- said Zhanna badoeva.

The TV host shared that she and her husband real idyll.

They can be silent for hours, just admiring each other.

All the rumors that between Budgewoi and Melnichny constant quarrels – complete nonsense.

The couple is happily married, although they rarely see each other.

Jeanne is constantly busy working, so we spend time together, they manage only to leave.

However, sometimes they still try to arrange a little romantic date.

“For us, the best romance is when we can be alone, turn on the TV and watch a movie. In General, a kind of “old romance.”

Apparently, due to the fact that we so seldom do we receive from such moments of great pleasure,” – said TV presenter.

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