Yuliya Snigir: overcoming yourself

Юлия Снигирь: преодоление себя

Yulia Snigiras no one else is waiting for the release of the film “Inhabited Island. Fight” – because after she will finally be able to talk about her character Rada Gaal. In the first film, Glad it was criminally short, and her character was “frozen”: as she says to Julia, “there, three replicas said and all the roles I have there like as not, the character remains dramatically underdeveloped”. But in the second picture with the Rada is the mass of events: she is suffering without your favorite men, her bugged high-ranking officials, put in jail – was, where to turn. And if, after the first “Inhabited island” Julia, it was difficult to tell about your character, now there are no problems.

In this movie, I have two favorite scenes: the Prosecutor and the landlord to renad, who comes to the Parliament and tries to seduce her. With him removed two scenes – but, it seems, the film does not remain a single one. Sorry, of course, but what to do. Fedor Sergeyevich for these scenes gave me complete freedom to do, says what they want. Well, I think a lot of things – after all, the heroine is left alone, her brother and loved one was arrested, since the work is bad, no money to pay for housing is almost nothing, she feels quite lost. And then there’s the landlord comes in and hints at her position. Scenes with renad and the Prosecutor is very important to me – they show the heroine on the other hand, show that she’s not a delicate flower that she is a stud, and just so she won’t give up. So for me personally, the second part is more interesting than the first.

Юлия Снигирь: преодоление себя

— You said the worst for you was the scene of the jailbreak.
— She was just very physically challenging. Some roof rails and I at him to run. Sometimes I’ve been replaced by the understudy, but it was not always possible to use. We’re not so big-budget film in the West – where it is possible to remove the double and then down to build the same decoration and set me up on. My budget did not allow, so I did all the stunts, climbed on all sorts of rigs – just filming me close up. One stunt put me portical – high stand for support. But this partical all the time going back and forth and shaking – for me it was even worse! I’m terrified of heights, plus I have a confusion with the parties right and left, I didn’t immediately think, confused, I have to think first – and then had to give an immediate response! Sometimes even despair came from how it was difficult – but overall, I liked it: it was a real overcoming of yourself.

Happy’s escape from prison

Юлия Снигирь: преодоление себя

— In the film there is an interesting scene with the Parliament in the final, where she lies in a hyperbaric chamber, and her face is snow…
— Oh, it was quite horrible to remove, though! The beautifully scattered snow really is very sharp, it is made of something similar to plastic. Not glass, of course – but injected well. Takes the revival of Parliament was much: Fedor Sergeyevich wanted to capture it in a special way, and we tried different Maxim touch my lips and face. And at the end of each take, when I opened my eyes – all this sharp snow covered my nose, in my mouth, where only could! It was very painful, such pain I have never experienced, don’t even know what it can be compared at all! Even when in the childhood broke a leg, I was in less pain! I once again was afraid to move, because this “snow” more covered my eyes and then I it everywhere the ear sticks out. My eyes were just bloody for three or four days for sure, no drops didn’t help. In comparison with these tests, everything else — that I’m tired that it was hot, stuffy and can’t breathe, that his head in the camera had to keep on the weight – it seemed to me sheer nonsense. Remember, at some point, lie, look up – and there the scenery and the piece of sky visible, and so I look at the sky and think: “Is this happening to me? Where am I? Is this hell?” My heart is like flew – I specifically thought of all that pain, gone, it’s not mine. And when Bob pulled me out of this cell and picked up, to me there was a real hysteria that stage, I even play it was not necessary. No, of course, I still “rocked” inside – but I and itself start to Bang, I just excitedly cried!

Here it is — a personal Yulin hell

Юлия Снигирь: преодоление себя

Юлия Снигирь: преодоление себя

In some interviews you have slipped in a phrase that you are interested to learn. Fans are now worried – why did you drop out?
— No, I did not understand. Study I am not quit – just my life began a period of reinvention, I’m trying to find myself and what I want to do in life. I’m thinking about how to shape their future.

— What was the impetus? After all, before “Inhabited island” you already were shooting a movie and study at the Institute – and all of a sudden?
Just what are the attributes of a profession, which I do not quite like. The essence of the actor is that he likes to be the center of attention. But we had the premiere of the film in December: I was wearing a pretty dress and took pictures with us, we came on the scene – and suddenly at some point I realized that I don’t like it that I don’t want to be here, I don’t like and don’t want to be the center of attention. I realized that it’s not mine. Can’t you see! Yes, it is believed that the actor is a conductor of the Director’s ideas on the screen he’s not a character, but then how to be in this profession if you do not orientirueshsya in space? Just to be a puppet? What the Director will say something and to do? It seems to me that the actors who have all successfully develops, found some balance. They are preparing for the role, and so it builds that Directors they, of course, told what to do, but they still already have their own internal line. Can’t say I don’t know how to do so – I also have been working on the role, but then you realize that the installation from you there’s nothing left, everything was meaningless, and it becomes a shame. In General, a lot of what disappoints me in the profession.

Юлия Снигирь: преодоление себя

— So now you have period of the search itself?
Yeah, I just want to try myself in different directions to develop. Now I’m mainly trying to offer images of some of the lyrical heroines and such can see me not only Directors, but also the make-up. Recently one was not the usual offer – hard such the role of girls in the spirit of Lara Croft. I prepared for the audition and the makeup look at me and say, “Oh, great, now the hairs raise, and you will we have a girl Bunny”. And I’m auditioning this tough role in that makeup! Well, what can I say… I’m on the verge of to go and radically change the appearance: cut hair wig to wear – that all saw me as something else. I don’t want to be stuck in one role until you are old and you start playing mothers of main characters – then what’s the point?

But offers to appear doing actively?
— Do this, but I can’t say that a lot of them, as is now quiet because of the crisis. Some things I do strongly do not like, I reject them – for example, while refusing to serials. I don’t know if doing wrong, but first I have to navigate in the profession – the good, the bad. Someone advised me: “Julia, I never shoot in the series more than 12 episodes for nothing!” But I see there are actors that starred in such series, and it does not prevent them to work in a good movie. And what is there to think about?

Юлия Снигирь: преодоление себя

— Do you have a loved one whose opinion you have confidence, who can you help, give advice?
— Of course, there are people whose opinion is important to me and I trust him – but each has it own. They all say different things. Want of course that there are people who will say: Julia, you should do so! but in life this does not happen. I most need to figure out what I want out of life, and build priorities – no I won’t help you. I was more interested, and I’m little by little trying everything. For example, was fascinated by the photo continues the advertising campaign of the film: interview, shooting in magazines – and if earlier for me it was a burden, now I thought that I should use the time and make the process interesting and creative. Began to intervene in the preparation of the shooting, to participate in the development of its concept. Now should be another shot: I just imagined what it will be, took some photos, went to a bookstore and photographed the albums, sent pictures to the editor – and suddenly realized that I was interested! Maybe it is necessary in this direction yourself to look?.. One thing’s for sure – you want a good script. I was recently in the theater of Nikolay Roshchin on a 4-hour performance Savva by Leonid Andreyev. Hardest play, the actors – almost all of the students, awesome playing, I’m in front of them in full admiration and respect! I looked at them and knew that I wanted to be in their place. I also know for sure.

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