“Winter” image Paulina Andreeva: actress bangs

"Зимний" образ Паулины Андреевой: актриса сделала челку

The other day Moscow got covered with snow and the air temperature dropped below zero. Of course, it’s a reason to hide the lighter items on the top shelf of the wardrobe, but no reason not to change. The same opinion is shared by Paulina Andreeva, therefore, a few days before winter set in, the actress decided on a beauty-experiment – made straight bangs below the eyebrows.

A new look Paulina appeared last night at the presentation of the first couture collection of the brand Maison Bohemique. But a few weeks ago, when SPLETNIK.RU interviewed the stars of the series “Method”, Andreeva looked quite different.

However, the girls they are – impermanent and changeable. But how good is it – what do you think about the new way of Pauline?

"Зимний" образ Паулины Андреевой: актриса сделала челку
Paulina Andreeva

"Зимний" образ Паулины Андреевой: актриса сделала челку

New hairstyle Paulina Andreeva: for or against?

For now it looks more mysterious
Against – the old way much better
The idea is good, but the length of the bangs I don’t like
Pauline you need to try something else

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