Where to watch fireworks in Moscow on February 23

Где смотреть салют в Москве на 23 февраляThis year the fireworks will start at 15 venues in the capital.

On 23 February 2016, the Day of Defender of Otechestva in Moscow will be a real treat. Moreover, every resident of the capital will find entertainment for the soul. All areas will be a memorable campaign, free screenings and exhibitions, sporting events and concerts. And the day will end with fireworks.

This year the launch of fireworks in Moscow will be made simultaneously in 15 points in 21:00.

Only 30 rounds with an interval of 20 seconds. To enhance the effect will be used blank shots by legendary guns “ZIS-3” during the great Patriotic war. It is expected that the dome of the salute made in a height of about 30 meters!

The list of places where you can watch fireworks 23 February 2016 in Moscow

1. The Victory Park. On Poklonnaya hill in the Alley Partizan 400 metres from the Museum of the great Patriotic war. Promise is the most colorful fireworks!

2. The Victory Park. On Poklonnaya hill on the hill near the input area.

3. The Luzhniki stadium. Luzhnetskaya embankment, across from a Large sports arena.

4. Pokrovskoe-Streshnevo. The territory of Tushino airfield, 500 metres South-West of Volokolamsk highway.

5. Mitino. Park FLC “aquamarine”, Roslovka street, house 5.

6. The Area Of The Left Bank. Friendship Park, Playground near the sculpture “Friendship of continents”, festival street, house 2B.

7. Lianozovo. Altufevskoe on the shore of the pond , street Novgorod, the house 38.

8. ENEA. On the square between farm street and North gates of the VDNKH.

9. Izmailovo. The town named after Bauman, Playground on the Bank of Serebryano-Vinogradny pond.

10. Kuzminki. Playground ROSTO, street District, building 3A, building 1.

11. South Butovo. On the shores of the Chernevsky pond, Admirala Lazareva street, the house 63 building 2, 500 meters to the South.

12. Novo-Peredelkino. A wasteland on the shore of the pond, Fedelino street, the house 18.

13. Obruchevo. Playground 60 metres South-East of the main building of PFUR, Miklukho-Maklaya, 6 of the housing 1.

14. Zelenograd. On the shore of a pond in Victory Park, at the bottom of the fountain, lake Avenue, house 8.

15. Troitsk. On-site Physical Institute of the RAS, 300 meters to the northeast of ownership 11, Physical, street, ownership 11.

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