Were there jokes? Chris Rock surprised everyone with his “black” humor

А были ли шутки? Крис Рок удивил всех своим "черным" юмором

Chris Rock

The “Oscar-2016” has died down and gave us many topics for discussion. Of course, in the spotlight is a triumph of Leonardo DiCaprio, but the behavior of another hero of the evening, master of ceremonies Chris Rock, also caused a heated debate on the Network.

The fact that most jokes the compere were on the scandal which has inflamed from-for absence among the nominees for black performers. African American Chris just could not ignore this topic, and his 10-minute monologue that opened the evening was full of “black “jokes:

So, I’m at the Oscars, the awards, also known as White People’s Choice Awards (literally – the choice of white people – approx. SPLETNIK.RU). If they nominated more and leading, here stood I, and Neil Patrick Harris,

– began his speech the comedian.

А были ли шутки? Крис Рок удивил всех своим "черным" юмором
Chris Rock

If you want to give blacks every year was present among the nominees, you need to make a special nomination “Best black friend”. We already have the nomination are divided in a strange way – male and female. That’s not fair either!

joked Chris Rock.

What’s with all the protests this year? This 88-I ceremony, and I am sure that 70-year-previous had a similar situation: I could have sworn that in the 50’s and 60’s, blacks were not among the nominees. Here just before we did not protest, we had more important things to do. We were raped and lynched, so we didn’t care, who will receive his statuette. You know, when your dead grandma swinging under a tree, somehow it’s hard to think about nominations on “Oscar”.

Went from Rock and stars who decided to boycott the award in connection with the “racist” scandal, for example, Jada Pinkett Smith:

Boycott Jada is still that I would have refused to climb into her panties to Rihanna. That’s just, for a moment there, I was not invited. I understand why this story is so touched by jadu: she’s mad that her husband was not nominated for her role in “the Defender”. Yes, it’s unfair that he got the nomination. You know what else is unfair? What kind of role in “wild, Wild West” he was paid 20 million dollars!

А были ли шутки? Крис Рок удивил всех своим "черным" юмором
Not all guests understand jokes Chris Rock…

Note that not everyone in the room laughed at the remarks of the presenter: many simply did not know how under the gun cameras to respond to such jokes. In social networks sharpness host became the subject of fierce debate: some admire the bold speeches of Rock, others are indignant and believe that he crossed the line. Especially rough reaction was caused by the appearance on the scene of Asian children who, as a joke Chris, they counted votes of the Academy.

If someone doesn’t like this joke, can write about it on Twitter via their phones, which also makes the Asian children

– not at all embarrassed, said Chris.

Many Internet users felt that child labor in Asia is an unsuitable topic for jokes and the stereotypes that Asians are better at math.

А были ли шутки? Крис Рок удивил всех своим "черным" юмором

By the way, Chris Rock is not the only one who goofed at the ceremony. So, the stigma was exposed and Sam Smith, who after receiving his statuette for the song Writing”s on the Wall burst into a fiery speech about the LGBT community. In particular, the musician said that he is the first openly gay, who was handed the “Oscar”, which, of course, insulted and Elton John, jodie foster, and other filmmakers-winners and triggered condemnation on the Network.

А были ли шутки? Крис Рок удивил всех своим "черным" юмором
Sam Smith

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