Wendy Williams: why she “looks forward” as a single woman?

Венди Уильямс: почему она «смотрит вперед» как одинокая женщина?

Венди Уильямс: почему она «смотрит вперед» как одинокая женщина?

Wendy Williams recently celebrated Thanksgiving with his 19-year-old son Kevin Jr. in Miami and is now looking forward to Christmas!

55-year-old Wendy Williams, happy as ever to be alone! Host of the talk show has filed for divorce from her husband Kevin hunter Sr. in April and is looking forward to her first Christmas after the split. “Wendy is waiting for the holidays is almost here, and it prepares them to be very pleasant,” says a source close friend Wendy. “It will be a little weird because this is her new normal style, but it also looks like it would be refreshing for once, because she can do things in their own time and at his own request. She is looking forward to the end of the year and the new decade of the new women”.

Венди Уильямс: почему она «смотрит вперед» как одинокая женщина?

Wendy broke up with Kevin — who was also the Executive producer of her successful daytime show after accusations that he allegedly had a baby with another woman. The couple has been married for 21 years, and, says Wendy, “they were together 25 years.” The two have a son, 19-year-old Kevin Jr. “After the initial drama of decay it is now in a much better state than ever, and the vacation will help her to get out of the consequences of divorce,” continues the insider. “Very nice to see Wendy in a much better position with her personal life.” After the split Wendy’s busy all the time with my son, even trying to take him to 50 Cent Tycoon Pool Party in August, and hanging out with close friends such as Nene Liks and Tamara Braxton.

Although any divorce is not always easy, Wendy, seemed to be completely surrounded with love when she celebrated Thanksgiving with her son Kevin and a large family in Miami, Florida! “Wendy refers to her first Thanksgiving as a single woman better than anyone expected,” added the insider. “Wendy has always been incredibly strong, independent woman, but at the same time, she always had to rely on Kevin senior. However, Wendy was in a great mood and she is really looking forward to the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with his son and entire family and close friends. Wendy’s got such a fantastic support system around her, and she really makes awesome stuff.” She shared several intimate pictures of family weekend, including a nice picture of a company that has lunch at some country house.

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