Ward Tina Karol won in the show “the Voice.Diti-3”

Подопечная Тины Кароль выиграла в шоу «Голос.Діти-3»

Yesterday was the Grand finale of the children music show “the Voice.Diti 3”, informs

First place was won by member of team Tina Karol 14-year-old Elina Ivashchenko from the city of Brovary.

Win also fought Vlad Fenichka team of Montica and Ivanna Reshko from the command of Potap.

All the finalists are equally strong voices, but defeated Elina singing the song “Pid cloud”.

Star coach Tina Karol delighted that for the second consecutive year a member of her team is in first place.

The singer has put a lot of thought, time and effort to Elina Ivashchenko won, and she did it.

Do girls definitely talent, which the audience appreciated.

Today she has become a guest “Sedanka z 1+1”, where he shared his emotions after the triumph, and were treated to a leading pies, which were prepared by her grandmother.

According to the winner, she believed in their victory and it happened.

Also she is going to in the near future to concentrate on studying, but the singing will not forget.

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