Vladimir Zeldin celebrated his 101st birthday on stage

Владимир Зельдин отпраздновал 101-й день рождения на сцене

Already many times people’s artist of the USSR Vladimir Zeldin celebrates his birthday on stage, informs

Five days ago, Vladimir Mikhailovich celebrated 101 years.

On this day he played on stage of Theatre of Russian Drama in the three-hour performance of “Dance with the teacher”.

Zeldin has confirmed that the oldest living active actors in the whole world.

Note that legendary actor acts not only on holidays, but regularly – at least several times a month.

In the autumn of last year Vladimir Mikhailovich broke her hip, which is very dangerous for the elderly.

However, after a few months he recovered and returned to work.

It is noteworthy that childhood years Vladimir Zeldin took place in the revolution and the NEP, and the youth fell on the Great Patriotic war, he witnessed the thaw, stagnation, perestroika and the birth of a new Russia.

The famous actor brought the role in the film “swineherd and shepherd”, which was filmed in 1941.

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