Vladimir Kuzmin came drunk on stage

Владимир Кузьмин вышел пьяным на сцену

Yesterday in Rostov – on-don took place the concert of the legendary musician Vladimir Kuzmin, informs

Residents of the don region was looking forward to this event.

However, the musician has disappointed the audience with his behavior.

The fact that Kuzmin went on stage drunk.

This was evidenced by his crooked walk across the stage, and terrible fake songs.

Even Kuzmin has barely played the guitar, that is not typical for the famous artist.

This whole pun spectators took video and posted it on YouTube.

Still no one knows why the singer got drunk before an important performance.

Slurred speech from the stage, silly sayings, and sloppy appearance were horrified spectators of the concert.

There is information that in the past his concerts Vladimir Kuzmin appeared in the same condition, and the spectators beheld a similar picture.

The musician himself has not commented on their antics.

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