Vladimir Etush was left without a roof over your head

Владимир Этуш остался без крыши над головой

A very unpleasant story happened to the famous Soviet actor Vladimir Etush, informs

It all started with the fact that his apartment has not been repaired.

Recall that an actor all this time was in the cardiology Department, and continues to stay there, as he still has nowhere to return to.

About the incident told journalists his wife.

The family had long planned to repair, and finally, hired a team of contractors.

The couple gave them all my savings and gone on vacation, but when they returned, no repairs in the apartment was not done.

With the contractor, no one could communicate.

On mash they left only a ragged walls and debris.

93-year-old Vladimir Etush is very bad after this news.

Now his family and colleagues on stage very worried, as if the incident had not affected his health.

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