Vika Dayneko: We’re not splitting up, and going to get married

Вика Дайнеко: Мы не разводимся, а собираемся обвенчатьсяThe singer dispelled the rumors about the separation with her husband Dmitry Kleiman.

A few days ago, 28-year-old Victoria Dayneko has published in the microblog post that tired to be disappointed in people. Her followers took it literally and assumed that the singer addressed the publication of a spouse and filing for divorce. Fortunately, the speculation was not confirmed. Young all is well. And so well that they are going to get married. About the joyous event, the celebrity also said in the social network.

With the wedding date, Victoria is still undecided. She learned that 2016 call leap year, and on signs, it is better not to appoint important events.

“I’m sorry, what?! I just learned that this year is a leap year! And how then? They say that in this bad year to arrange a wedding. And wedding this also applies? And on the wedding already married people?” asked Daineko their subscribers in the network.

But users of the “Instagram” hastened to comfort the singer: I wrote in the comments that all those leap years – nonsense, and at a wedding no signs do not apply!

“I’m getting married soon and don’t believe in it all. If people love each other, we will always love”, “I Personally think that any muck will cling, if you think about it, don’t let bad thoughts into my head, and everything will be OK”, I replied to the post Victoria its subscribers.

Victoria Dayneko, Dmitry Kleiman, recall, were married in may of last year. In autumn, the couple had a daughter. Unfortunately, the name of the girl celebrity being kept a secret. Also they try not to talk publicly about their relationship, though often go out together and spread in social networks joint photo.

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