Vera Brezhnev — biography, photos

Вера Брежнева — биография, фотографии

Vera Brezhneva was born on 3 February 1982 in the small Ukrainian town of Dneprodzerzhinsk. Real name singer — ports. Her parents are ordinary workers, worked at the factory. Faith has two sisters.

Вера Брежнева — биография, фотографии

She was a very versatile child, went to music school, played sports, was always involved in the children’s performances. To learn Vera went to the transport Institute.

Вера Брежнева — биография, фотографии

In 2001, Vera has a daughter Sonia. With her dad, Vitaly Voichenko, Faith lived only a few years.

One day she participated in a beauty contest “Miss Dnepropetrovsk”. That’s where the future singer and was noticed by the producers of the group VIA GRA. She soon became the third member of the team. Then there was the alias of Brezhnev.

Вера Брежнева — биография, фотографии

In 2006, she married businessman Michael Kiperman.

In 2007 she left the group, but not for long. After a year she became a moderator on one of the channels, and soon began a solo career. The first song of Faith — “I don’t play”. After half a year there was a second clip called “Nirvana”.

The program “Magic of ten”, which she kept closed.

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