Veneers: pros and cons

Виниры: все за и противWant to have beautiful and straight teeth? Veneers can hide many of the shortcomings of smiles, but dentists recommend them not all.

Veneers are plates that cover the surface of the tooth to correct its shape or color. The main difference from crowns in that veneers do not cover the entire surface of the tooth, but only some part of it. When assembling the tooth is not much need to grind. There are two types of veneers – ceramic and composite. They differ in that the former are made only by the laboratory, while the latter are typically installed immediately in the patient’s mouth. Ceramics dentists recommend, patients need to adjust simultaneously more than three teeth. If the defects are not as extensive, are of composite construction.

Veneers: should you trust the reviews and photos

Doctors do not always recommend this type of restoration, as it has many limitations. Installation of veneers is impossible for a “dead” teeth. In this case, dentists recommend resorting to the installation of the crown. May not fit a thin plate if the color of a tooth is too heavily modified. An important contraindication are various defects of occlusion, and the absence of chewing teeth. Also during the restoration with composite veneers have a risk of allergies. Therefore, in order to make a decision about their installation, one should not rely on about veneers reviews on the Internet, because they are not always truthful. It is best to consult a specialist who will review your case and advise on the type of restoration.

How to extend the life

If the patient has indications for placing veneers, select their type is better to trust the dentist. However, in order not to shorten the service life, should know a few important rules of skin care. Because of the veneers, unlike crowns that cover only part of the tooth, on the unprotected surface can accumulate plaque and develop caries. It is important to thoroughly brush your teeth and do not forget to clean the interdental space. It is also important to avoid mechanical damage of the plates themselves. No need to chew the seeds, put it in his mouth items. If you have a habit to chew food with my front teeth, it too will have to give.

Examining the veneers in the photo before and after, patients are often unaware that their problems cannot be resolved in this way

The cost of veneers depends on many parameters. The most inexpensive are composite plates. Porcelain will cost more. Also influenced by the complexity of the work from a technical point of view.

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