Unusual Hobbies of the famous men

Нетипичное хобби известных мужчин

Нетипичное хобби известных мужчинThey say real men extinct? Well, where there! They just encroached on the more feminine classes. Down with stereotypes! Top famous men –
Johnny Depp, David Beckham, Prince William, Antonio Banderos, Russell Crowe – know how to sew, wash, and even braiding hair!

To reconsider their hobby had the legendary and brutal johnny Depp. The famous actor is well known in Hollywood as a collector of various kinds of erundovina such as the skeletons of pigeon, bat opudalo, and since the daughter was a Barbie fan. Just imagine – tattooed and unshaven johnny was playing with dolls and confessed about it on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

“We played a lot, I get used to the roles of their characters!”, — talked on johnny’s show. Further more, the actor began to collect Barbie dolls of the limited series. In his collection already has dolls Elvis Presley Barbie Beyonce Barbie and Lindsay Lohan. Last him the road, as it was manufactured with a bracelet on his leg, where the actress was in the time when was under house arrest for the theft.

Нетипичное хобби известных мужчин


But the sex symbol of our time has gone even further! Famous footballer David Beckham has mastered the needle and thread to sew clothes for the dolls of his beloved and only daughter Harper North. A favorite of women also loves doing hair for her little girl and even more than that, he periodically cuts her hair.
To replace mom and hairdresser for his daughter Charlotte manages and Prince William. But royalty could not all. To collect hair in a pony tail he can, but to braid a pigtail yet.
“Have himself on the head with enough hair to practice!”, jokes Prince Harry.

Нетипичное хобби известных мужчин

Loves to weave, though not braids and sweaters actor Antonio Banderos. It’s not typical for men hobby the actor has bought the film about Zorro. In the film he had to train a lot, then had a few weeks to rest up. To get rid of boredom at this time, a partner on the filming of Catherine Zeta Jones gave him a ball of yarn and knitting needles. That hands took his head, and what do You think…a little recovered, he not only abandoned the knitting, he got into it so much that in 2016, the year he released his own collection of cardigans and sweaters.

The famous actor and Oscar-winning film “Gladiator” Russell Crowe from time to time likes to tie. That’s just their personally related scarves and socks quietly gives away to relatives because she was embarassed to advertise their stereotypical female hobby.

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