Unreleased song “Boyfriend” Selena Gomez about Justin Bibere?

Selena Gomez is looking forward to the onset of moment, while fans listen to her unreleased track “Boyfriend”. This has forced fans to assume that the “guy” in the title refers to her ex Justin Bieber… but Selena was something completely different!
27-year-old Selena Gomez has designated the name of the song that was on the minds of many fans: “Boyfriend” She showed a great desire to talk about his new album “Rare”, on The Tonight Show with host Jimmy Fallon on January 13! Thanks Frank questions, Jimmy Fallon, Selena opened up and revealed that “perhaps there are several hidden things” in unreleased song which was excluded from the album. “There are a few other songs that I could not wish that they existed. I can’t exactly say everything, but one of my favorite tracks is called “Boyfriend”. So I can’t wait for the fans of my work will hear it,” said Selena. With this approach, the fans, of course, put on your detective hat.
Not all were too good, as some immediately suggested that “Guy” was on this past boyfriend Selena, Justin Bibere, 25 years. “Selena Gomez do here, calling one of his new songs “boyfriend” .. just leave Justin alone and move on, wrote one critic, and another on Twitter — I’m sorry, but why is Selena releasing a song called “boyfriend”? Justin got only that released in the same month, when she released her album … Justin left to get all the unpleasant comments over the little things, but when she makes them, is this normal?” Ironically, Justin also has his own track called “Boyfriend”, which he released in 2012. There was even a third fan, who brought The Weeknd into the conversation in Twitter: “like Selena really has a song called boyfriend lol, which guy talking about”.

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However, Justin was not even slightly mentioned, because Selena talked about the eponymous track called “I want a boyfriend” in the video for The Wall Street Journal. “I once came to the Studio — said, “I want a boyfriend”. And literally, it’s just a hook to a new hit. I said, “That’s what I want now. I was alone for two years. It might be nice?”. Selena confirmed that this is the same song as “Boyfriend”, but it sounds like. In any case, one fan made a correct prediction: “If she would call this song, man,” then believers are going to get pieces of songs of Justin.”

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