Ukrainian star Regina Todorenko had an accident

Украинская звезда Регина Тодоренко попала в аварию

Host of “heads and Tails” Regina Todorenko informed fans on his page in the social network that the other day she got into a minor accident, inform

Fortunately, Regina does not hurt much, just hit his head and broke his lip.

Todorenko noted that the accident happened when she was riding in a taxi to the doctor.

The driver of the car drove into the trunk ahead standing car.

Regina complained that she was late to the doctor, and before that 2 hours stood in traffic.

“I was in a car accident. Smashed lip, vlubilas head in the headrest, was late to the doctor, 2 hours stood in traffic and plus two hours spent in a stuffy subway, and then recorded a new song for the blog on YouTube,” wrote Todorenko on his page in the social network.

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