Top 5 short celebrity marriages

Топ-5 коротких браков знаменитостей

Топ-5 коротких браков знаменитостей

Today, mad love, and promises to be there for the rest of your life, and tomorrow is a loud divorce with joint responsibility and mutual insults. Tomorrow – in the truest sense of the word. Star could not stand the burden of marriage more than a year, more than a month or even one week.

Jennifer Lopez and Chris Judd. They lived under the same roof as much as 4 months. In 2001, the year Chris was on the dancer at Jennifer.
“I called my agent and said going to dance with Jennifer Lopez! I said, cool! And when we met, I shook her hand and thought, I
get married with this woman!” recalls Chris.

Топ-5 коротких браков знаменитостей
On the contrary, Jennifer is the difference in popularity is not scared. The couple became engaged and a month later got married. The wedding took place high on a hill, away from the paparazzi.
“Our wedding was like a circus! I think about 10 people were arrested when they climbed upstairs, where the ceremony took place, to take a picture of us. I found it very hard to be the center of attention!”, recalls Chris.

Heart Chris could not withstand the glory. The man will tell you that to live with a star of this magnitude hell. Your life is not yours, you have all the time in front of the whole world! The couple sat down and the family Council decided to disband.

While Kim Kardashian met Kanye West and they become such a perfect and sweet family, a nice lady managed to briefly leave
married. It was a basketball player Kris Humphries. The year the couple met, their relationship was even featured in the reality show family Kardashian. The wedding was celebrated by over $ 10 million.
“At that moment I thought, I’m 30 years – it is better to marry. I think many girls are experiencing such, I think that you’re getting old when you look at other people’s children,” explains Kim. Only during the honeymoon, Kim and Kris realized that don’t fit together. Maybe the best, would not have dispersed – met Kanye West.

Топ-5 коротких браков знаменитостей

Television producer Tracey Edmonds and actor Eddie Murphy got married on the island of Bora Bora in the new year’s eve from 2007 to 2008. Had a fairy tale wedding like in the movies, but it seems that on a fabulous wedding day thing didn’t go further and after 2 weeks the pair has separated. The pair was still going and to sign in the States, but to the American registry office the couple never came, so they decided to remain friends.

Топ-5 коротких браков знаменитостей

Nicolas cage and a make-up artist Eric the Bed, he was 51 and she was 23 years old, but true love is not subject to age. Nicholas and Erica met about
year, and the marriage was only 4 days. Paparazzi say that Nicholas came down the aisle in Los Angeles in the state of alcoholic intoxication, and
when sobered up, then changed her mind.
“I was very drunk and didn’t understand what was happening. When Koike asked me to marry you, I said impulsively, not realizing their actions! Otherwise
would never get married,” recalls Nicholas.
And the actor realized that the beautician wanted to marry only for money.

Singer Britney Spears with her childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander got married in one of the ZAGS in Las Vegas, early in the morning
January 2004, the first year such information. Britney was in ripped jeans and at the wedding no one was invited, and what’s the point after 55 hours, the couple fled. The singer then said that this marriage is just a joke – a long running joke. Britney girl’s impulsive, a head shave, then getting married…

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