Too: Jolie decides to be friends with anyone to brad pitt

Как-то слишком: Джоли решает, с кем дружить Брэду Питту Angie stopped the friendship of pitt with Edward Norton, with which they are familiar since “Fight club”.

It seems, no divorce and not a speech… And brad is not only not going to leave the family, but all listen to Jolie.

Remember, as with the easy flow of Hollywood beauty pitt stopped being friends with Clooney? Then pogovorili that Angie is not pleased George’s wife, Amal Alamuddin. Supposedly Amal looks a lot like her, Jolie is simply jealous of her.

This time, Jolie asked pitt to cease all communication with Edward Norton, with whom brad is acquainted since the days of “Fight club”. The reason for the conversation was the fact that pitt and Norton were again colleagues on the set of new mini-series for HBO.

And Jolie insists that their relationship was nothing more than working… Angelina believes that the actor is “not Mature enough” to her husband.

“Angelina has always thought that Edward was too shallow for brad, and she doesn’t like his wife!” is blabbed a source close to the family.

I do not again if envy was the cause? Although the wife of Edward certainly nothing to do with Jolie has not. He is married to actress Shawn Robertson, who starred mostly in comedies such as “knocked up” and “the Forty year old virgin”… a Couple together for a long time and raising three sons.

One question remains: will pitt’s friends after such a hard “casting” of the wife? Suddenly Angie didn’t like all the others?

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