Tom Hanks does not hide the tears and thanked the “fantastic” wife, accepting the award “Golden globe”

Том Хэнкс не скрывает слезы и благодарит «фантастическую» жену, принимая награду «Золотой глобус»

Том Хэнкс не скрывает слезы и благодарит «фантастическую» жену, принимая награду «Золотой глобус»

Tom Hanks just joined the ranks of legends such as Walt Disney and Doris day, after he received the award of Cecil B. DeMille at the ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden globe” 2020 5 Jan.

We can understand why the 63-year-old Tom Hanks was chosen for the award Golden globe Cecil B. DeMille — actor knows how to move the crowd. Despite the fact that he was “cold to the size of the fees Merv Girffin”, the star of “Forrest Gump” took the stage at the ceremony on 5 January, and thanked his family who sat in front of the hotel “Beverly Hilton” and supported him throughout his career. “My wife Rita Wilson is fantastic in all respects,” added Tom, touched to tears and said how blessed he felt she and his five children were with him that night. “I wouldn’t be standing here” without them, he said. “I can’t tell you how much their love means to me.”

Том Хэнкс не скрывает слезы и благодарит «фантастическую» жену, принимая награду «Золотой глобус»
Tom also explained how he learned from every actor that came before him. “You know, you’re a fool if you do not steal from anyone ever worked. And I stole people’s names KOTRA everyone knows. It’s such great actors as Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington, Antonio Banderas, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts, Sally field. These people have done for me very much, though not aware of it. But I also felt better watching the examples of some of the greatest actors supposedly Peter Scolari and Holland Taylor, Robin Wright ever appeared on the scene, a million years ago. Barkhad Abdi, believe it or not, I was the whole soul in his very first film about the artist. There was no doubt. And Charlize Theron, who actually is one of those names from the pronunciation of which take my breath away”, — he said.

The Hollywood foreign press Association, which accepts a Golden globe, said that she was honoured for “outstanding contribution to the world of entertainment.” That, of course, meet this requirement. In addition to its four individual victories in the “Golden globes”, two Academy awards and seven Emmys, the actor is also going to win another award “Golden globe”, which will add to his collection: “the Best role of an actor in a supporting role in any film” for the role of Mr. Rogers ‘ “Beautiful day in the neighborhood”.
In the years leading up to the show in 2020, the recent winners of the award of Cecil B. DeMille included Jeff bridges, Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington and George Clooney. The first award recipient was, of course, the late Director-producer Cecil B. Demill in 1952. His film “the Greatest show on Earth” in the same year appeared in theaters.

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