Thick as thieves: DiCaprio and Winslet showed true friendship

Не разлей вода: Ди Каприо и Уинслет показали настоящую дружбуFriendship between a man and a woman exist. Don’t believe? Look at Leo and Kate!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, we recall known each other since 1996 when she began filming the legendary “Titanic”. That is already 20 years! Imagine how much?

Leo and Kate support each other in 20 years: celebrate the victories of each other, together to experience failure and, more importantly, love each other (in a friendly way!) with rewards and without rewards. By the way, about awards.

When Winslet in 2009 for the first time won the statuette “Oscar” for the film “the Reader”, her friend Di Caprio sat in the hall and was sincerely happy for her friend: she smiled and admired her. This is despite the fact that he five times went to the ceremony with nothing.

But this year Leo, fortunately, got lucky. He received his first “Oscar”. And who got all worried? Of Course, Kate!

During the acceptance speech of actor she couldn’t stop the tears… And after the winner came down from the stage, Winslet gave him a hug and wished me luck.

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By the way, Kate Winslet is still a few weeks before the ceremony prophesied the victory of Leo.

“I think 2016 will bring Leo luck. He will receive a reward. All you want to do this for him. And he deserves it,” the actress said to journalists.

And here are her words come true! Maybe now Kate will wish the other happiness in his personal life and he’s finally getting married?

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