The woman changed her genes to be forever young

Женщина изменила свои гены, чтобы быть вечно молодой 44-year-old mother of two children decided to participate in the experiment, which may turn the biological clock backwards.

Probably, every woman deep down wants to be forever young. And it seems that American researcher Elizabeth Parrish managed to fulfill the dream of millions.

For the first time in human history scientists and doctors decided to do an experiment and change a woman’s biological clock. Guinea became a 44-year-old academic, a mother of two children, Elizabeth Parrish, which had shot up genetic material. The substance must penetrate into every cell and start to changes that will not only stop aging, but will start the rejuvenating process.

The experiment conducts scientific medical company “Biovela” in which Elizabeth holds a senior position. Parrish says he is not afraid of the results that can lead to sad result. “If there is something terrible, I’m still sure I made the right move. If one step can change the world and this step will cost your life, it needs to be done,” admitted Elizabeth “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Scientists decided to undertake two genes out of thousands that are well understood. The first introduces the gene for the inhibitor of myostatin – a protein that inhibits muscle growth and thus inhibits the production of myostatin, which stimulates muscle growth and stops muscle degeneration. The second part of the process of stimulating the production of telomerase, the enzyme that is responsible for restoring the length of telomeres, or chromosome ends that ensure the integrity and stability of our DNA. Experiments have shown that stimulating telomerase activities lead to the rejuvenation of cells of all tissues of the body. Elizabeth says that the purpose of the study is not only an opportunity to be beautiful and young, but also the desire to give people a healthy life.

“I’m sure that this is the most important step that you need to make today. Many people don’t think, but it is aging now has become the number one killer in most countries. Cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and other diseases that take away life, starts from the fact that the body ages and fails to correct the violation. At the same time, laboratory experiments on animals clearly show: if you stop aging, rejuvenates the body, you can escape from a dangerous disease, extend healthy life. And it’s real.

We cannot afford age-related diseases to kill us. The elderly population is increasing worldwide, and these are the people who have the potential to be healthy, strong and able to look after themselves and not to finish their days in wheelchairs in nursing homes,” explains the purpose of the study Elizabeth.

After months of research Elizabeth noticed little change in his condition: a woman commented that it was much easier to Wake up in the morning, and it’s easy to do without coffee.

The audience started to take an interest in the study, but it will take at least five years, provided that the experiment will be successful to bring this procedure to the masses. Gene therapy as part of an experiment Elizabeth Parrish cost the company 1.5 million dollars, and presumably such “treatment” will cost the people not less than 40 thousand dollars.

A lot of research and summing up the first biological results will be conducted after three months from the beginning of the experiment. Elizabeth is optimistic and believes that in 15 years the governments of the countries might go to make such a therapy is free for citizens.

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