The TV channel “Yu” is a new Comedy series

Телеканал «Ю» представляет  новый комедийный сериал5 March at 11.30 am on TV channel “Yu” life-affirming kicks off the premiere of the series “Diary Louise Laikinai” – a fun, light airy story about the coolest loser in the world

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A new Comedy series based on the popular book by the journalist Katya Metelitsa, based on her columns in the magazine “Big city”. The producer of the film made by Anna Melikyan, known to the public for his films “the Star” and “About love”, winner of the Berlin film festival and the prize “Golden eagle”.

From the main character Louise Laikinai husband left, and it’s extremely charming and always hovering in the clouds Lusha don’t even notice it. She still “not as people”: the soup does not know how, always loses documents and is late everywhere, shave legs with a razor her husband and gets a scolding from her teacher’s son in kindergarten. But she is able to live the bored and writes funny posts in his blog. Next to Louise is always her friend – sexy Heartbreaker of Tatula (Nino Kantaria) and the right therapist Kate (Nina Loshchinin), whose advice on how one should live, often contradict each other and common sense.

And, of course, the show is not complete without the perfect man: he, as usual, should be successful, charismatic and … occupied the other. Attractive bachelor in the series plays Maxim Vitorgan.

Women think that if you lost your husband – life is cracked, but the story of Louise Laikinai once again proves that all that is done is for the best.

Director: Anna Sarukhanova.

Producers: Anna Melikyan, Andrey Dimitrov, Ruben Hovhannisyan, Andrey Epifanov Pavel Vedernikov Oleg Kirichenko, Alexey Ageev.

Starring: Maksim Vitorgan, Lyudmila Volkova, Elena Papanova, Nino Kantaria, Nina Loshchinin, Artem Grigoriev, Igor Igoshin.

Number of episodes: 20.

Timing: 25 min.

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