The singer Nastya Kamensky was in the hospital

Певица Настя Каменских попала в больницу

Певица Настя Каменских попала в больницу

The singer Nastya Kamensky today was urgently taken to the hospital with serious damage to the right leg, informs

The fact that the actress has decided to fulfill his dream – to jump with a parachute.

Anastasia always wanted to feel how it is to fly.

However, the first in her life attempt to “fly” nearly cost her her life.

At Kamensky parachute did not open, she fell and badly injured right leg.

If not for the reserve parachute, Nastya would have crashed.

Thanks to the instructor who hurried what to do, the singer was urgently taken to the hospital.

There she had an operation on his leg.

Now Nastya Kamensky feels good, but recovery will take some time.

On his page in the social network, the artist published a photo taken in the hospital.

The picture shows the bandaged foot celebrity.

Fans concerned about the state of her pet.

Many are asking her not to risk it.

Colleague Kamenskih on stage, the rapper Potap shared that walk she can.

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