The servants of Kate Middleton threatens to strike

Прислуга Кейт Миддлтон грозится устроить забастовкуThe workers threatened to cut wages.

As it turned out, and the tale are in turmoil… no matter How perfect may seem the life of Kate Middleton, Prince William and their two children, in fact, at Kensington Palace is brewing a real riot.

The servant is not the first day, threatening to strike. To absolve itself of all responsibilities and go to the Palace with banners… the Reason, as it turned out, quite banal. Some staff in the near future to cut salaries in connection with the reorganization of the work of the Palace. In the end, employees lose almost 5 thousand dollars a year.

The first impact would be on employees who work in ticket offices, and also conduct tours for visitors. The number of trips will be reduced. It is no wonder that time staff will become shorter.

“We have planned changes for the coming year. Currently we are negotiating with the Union. We highly value our employees and hope to reach a mutually acceptable agreement”, – said the representative of the London Palace.

Neither Kate nor Prince William, the situation is not commented on… Well, let’s hope that “entourage” the Duchess is not socratech. And the man also cares for the two children she completely lost sight of. And we will not see her or her wonderful outfits.

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