The husband of the singer the Jasmine detained on suspicion of large cash fraud

Мужа певицы Жасмин задержали по подозрению в крупных денежных махинациях

In the family of the famous singer Jasmine, which not so long ago in the third time became a mother, in a lot of trouble, informs

Her husband, businessman Ilan Shor, was detained by police on suspicion of fraud amounting to more than a billion euros.

First Ilana detained for 72 hours, but later it was decided to extend the detention for 30 days.

The businessman’s wife was really hoping that this misunderstanding will quickly be resolved and her husband will be released, but the authorities initiated a serious criminal case, on which Ilan Shor has to be in custody.

Herself Jasmine sure is a complete misunderstanding.

Her husband had always been an honest business and there are no problems with the law.

The artist hopes that soon everything will be solved and her beloved will be free.

The singer also added that she is disappointed in law enforcement, and especially the Prosecutor, who leads the case of her husband, who, in her opinion, exceeded their authority.

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