The daughter of Ukrainian President starred in the TV series

Дочь украинского президента снялась в российском сериале

In the “high life” wife Marina Petro Poroshenko openly admitted that in 2012 their daughter Evgeniya starred in an episode in the television series “Return of Mukhtar”, informs

The girl appeared in one episode for a few minutes in the middle of the series and at the end.

At that time no one imagined that Russia and Ukraine would become enemies, and that the Ukrainian stars have nothing to do in the Russian cinema.

Marina Poroshenko said that the then 12-year-old Eugene liked to act in films.

Now she hardly agreed on the Russian role in the series, because now her father is the President of the country, which in a military conflict with Russia.

It should be noted that the series “Return of Mukhtar” is not included yet in the list of banned in Ukraine of films and TV series.

Despite the fact that the main characters of the series – the police officers that “Mukhtar” while blacklist not going.

Дочь украинского президента снялась в российском сериале

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