The controversial Alexey Panin got in a car accident

Скандальный Алексей Панин попал в автомобильную аварию

Russian actor got in an accident, informs

The notorious Alexey Panin today was in a serious accident in Sochi, where he arrived as part of the tour with the performance “Viy”.

The actor was very lucky, he escaped with injuries that do not threaten his life.

Reportedly, Panin together with the driver was driving along a dangerous road in the mountains.

The man, who was driving, lost control and the car flew into a ditch.

During the event Alexey hurt a person – a broken cheekbone and is now waiting for surgery.

Almost immediately after the accident, the actor commented on the incident.

“After the last show on the road I drove home on the serpentine road, the car slid and slipped down spucke from the curb.

I was riding ahead, the other artists carried to another machine. I ended up hitting my face. Thank God nobody else was hurt,” – said Alexey Panin.

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