The autopsy report Bobbi Kristina brown will be published in the media

Результаты вскрытия Бобби Кристины Браун будут опубликованы в СМИ

Yesterday, a judge in Atlanta Henry Newkirk decided to publish the results of the autopsy of Bobbi Kristina brown, the only daughter of singer Whitney Houston and Bobby brown. The girl died seven months ago after a long stay in a coma, but the audience only knew what was the real cause of death of Christina.

Bobbi Kristina brown mom Whitney Houston

The medical examiner who conducted the autopsy, said that until today had not received the court’s permission for disclosure of information regarding the autopsy of brown.
A lawsuit was filed by the lawyers of the media who were not able to access it. With the prohibition of the publication were made by the representatives of the authorities.. and the lawyers for nick Gordon, the main suspect in the “accident” with Christina.
We will remind that relatives of Bobby brown sure that the civil husband for some time before the girl was found in a bathtub unconscious, injected her with an unknown substance. Assume that Christina fainted and that’s when Nick decided to fake an accident, plunging the lover in the tub filled with water. It was a long stay under water has led to the fact that Christina never came out of the coma – her brain has come irreversible processes.
Authorities insist that the announcement of the results of the autopsy may harm the investigation. District attorney Paul Howard believes that this information must be kept secret, but it will follow the court order.

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