That advised the therapist of the famous actress Charlize Theron?

16 years old actress Charlize Theron was hiding a terrible truth about his father, it’s about it in most cases silent, and when he asked told a story for all that it crashed in a car accident when she was 15 years old. But this was an absolute lie!
The actress lied to once again not to remember the worst night of her life! In 2007-m to year on the Howard stern show she revealed a family secret. It turned out that the mother shot and killed Charlize’s own father with a hunting shotgun. The tragic incident occurred over a month before he turned 16 years the future actress. Father abused alcohol and that night also came drunk. Charlize remembers only one, the father began to dismiss his hands and severely beat her mother, so she pulled out a gun. Little Charlize fainted, and when recovered, he saw spots of blood stained all over the kitchen, as well as his father’s body, which was lying on the floor.
“I never held a grudge against the mother for what happened! In fact, she saved us, his life and mine. My father was an alcoholic and often beat us if she hadn’t killed him, he would in the end would do it with us!” commented on Charlize Theron act of the mother.
And, indeed, the court justified the act of his mother, was brought up in court that the killing happened in self-defense, but the actress for more than 15 years couldn’t anyone share such a terrible truth. Only 30 years Charlize Theron decided to see a therapist, who advised not to keep this secret to yourself!

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