Thank you Leo DiCaprio for “the Oscar-2016”

Благодарственная речь Лео Ди Каприо на «Оскаре-2016»The main intrigue of the ceremony was resolved: Leo after five failures received the coveted statuette!

When Julianne Moore was named best actor, actor the hall applauded standing.

Meanwhile, DiCaprio, as always, was quite modestly, if I knew about the win. Once on the stage, he thanked the guests of the ceremony, his colleagues; Tom hardy, with whom I became quite close during the shooting in the film “Survivor”; film Directors Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and Martin Scorsese… And then devoted a few moments to his beloved theme of the environment, specifically global warming. Leo noted that the 2015th year was the warmest in history, so we all need to work on that!

Full acceptance speech Leonardo DiCaprio:

“Thank you all very much! Thank you Academy and everyone who is now in this room. I also wish to congratulate those who won today.

The painting “the Survivors” is a project of the best team. First of all, I want to thank my brother Tom hardy. Tom, you were so fearless in the film! Thanks to Director Alejandro gonzález iñárritu. You have incredible talent! Thank you for giving us this experience on the set. Thanks to my team, thank you Martin Scorsese for all the things he taught me.

Thanks to my parents. Without you, nothing would have happened. Thanks to my friends.

The film “Survivor” is a story about male friendship and nature. Meanwhile, the year 2015 was the warmest year in the history of winter. For shooting it was very hard to find snow. The climate is changing, and it’s the biggest threat to us. We need to come together and start working on it!”

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