Suddenly! The half statues of the “Oscar” went missing

Внезапно! Половина статуэток «Оскара» пропала без вестиAnd you know, where disappear the treasured Golden men after them will be awarded to the winner? Some are kept at home by the nominees, other exhibited at the auction, but most, apparently, disappears!

Agree, if you have ever received a statuette “Oscar”, you would of her house on the most prominent of all, the dust would blow and guarded it like the Apple of the eye. Right? But, as it turned out, not for everyone this coveted award is of such great importance.

It is no wonder that the American film Academy declared that the fate of half of the statuettes awarded under the award “Oscar” is currently unknown.

It turns out that the Academy tries to carefully monitor the fate of each figurine. First, the recipients sign the so-called agreement of the winner, according to which undertake to bequeath the award or the heirs, or a non-profit institution. Secondly, each statuette has a serial number so you can track if the owner decides to put the trophy up for auction. To do this officially, you need to offer the Academy to redeem the award for a symbolic 1 dollar.

But not all act honestly. So most of the figurines prekoputa and finish their way in private collections, some on display in museums in various countries of the world, and only a small portion remains at the laureates and their relatives.

To date, the Academy has managed to regain about 80 figurines and thousands 3,93 issued for all history of existence of the award. What is there left to say? Suddenly!..

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