Statistics: weddings in summer, divorce in autumn

Статистика: свадьбы – летом, разводы – осеньюAs it turned out, Muscovites fall in love and break up on a specific schedule. On the senses not affected the economic situation in the country, and the weather outside the window!

Who would have thought, but love, like any phenomenon in nature is also cyclical. There are seasons of high feelings, chocolates, bouquets, weddings, and is also a time of parting. This conclusion can be reached if we look at city government portal

Statistics the number of marriages and divorces on the website speaks for itself, and here the psychologist to be not needed. Last year, the peak wedding fell on the summer – said “I do” 25 thousand pairs, which, of course, is not surprising. After a good warm weather and the photos are beautiful, the bride and groom do not need to carry coats outerwear Yes, the dress will remain white and not dirty and none of the guests will not freeze.

But the largest number of divorces is in the fall. For example, in October there were almost 4 thousand. And here is something to think about.

Of course, autumn is one of the most depressing times of the year, the leaves fall, rain, cold, dirt around… But is it worth a divorce? Maybe depressed couples just fly to warmer climes? Good out of the situation.

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