Spectators “Voice.Children” can now also win the statuette of the winner

Зрители «Голос.Дети» теперь тоже могут выиграть статуэтку победителяTo do this, just need to become a virtual mentor in the show and be active throughout the season.

All what you always do, that is, always sitting on the Internet, can now bring real benefits. Previously: watch Friday night show the Voice, swearing at the screen on the short-sightedness of mentors and at the same time trying to find a suitable number to show those who missed it. Spend a lot of time, the Internet freezes, videos not spinning, you’re mad. And what will be harmful. And it’s a shame because you just got a big charge of positive emotions.

Now life has become easier. For example, you can download the application on the website of the First channel and keep the nerve cells. This is not a novelty, and if you – a devoted fan of the show, like us, you know this Virgo. But by the third child the “Voice” of the developers First brought the app to the ideal: now there is everything the video shows and what viewers do not show all the backstage life of the project. The updated version is easier to understand – it is similar to the tape in social networks: everything is fresh and important POPs up, and then you just scrollery.

But! Now declared in the header. That you watch the video, share it in your social networks, vote for parties and other activities, you score points. And the winner at the end of the show may compete for the same award and a finalist! To track their results convenient in the standings. So, effortlessly, without wasting time or experiencing incredible stress, as the participants, you can get a gorgeous trophy. We have already downloaded, catch up.

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