Sobchak published someone else’s photo in Instagram

Собчак публикует чужие фото в InstagramPopular TV presenter boasted a snapshot of the attributes of his luxurious life, and fans caught in her deception.

Ksenia Sobchak or sensation. In the network fall pictures of her in a swimsuit and without photoshop, then the whole Internet is discussing poorly cropped photos on the feet, then criticized for the extravagance…

A new reason for discord was the picture, which is popular TV presenter allegedly posted last night. As always, there was glamor and glitter: black caviar, scarce in winter raspberry and a bottle of expensive alcohol. “The blonde in chocolate” has described all this riot of colors without false skoromny, they say, came home, and here is a pleasant end of the evening, and even noted on the ruble.

Someone admitted that he envies Xenia white envy, someone once again attacked the glamorous leading with criticism, and one of podpiski and even stated that the photo with the caviar doesn’t belong to Xenia.

“How’s that? 7 weeks ago my friend in the hotel in LA was as today Sobchak on the ruble. Find the 7 differences!” – wrote some darling of Babel on his page in Instagram.

This is where it all began. To celebrate, fans were hit with new criticism Sobchak. Xenia, in turn, said nothing. But only journalists from Woman’s Day to the middle of the day found that picture, which was all the fuss, her page no. Disappeared. But was he ever?

Someone from the social network users immediately assumed that she was embarrassed because the company who offered her money for posting promotional photos in the microblog star, and someone even stated that Sobchak was the victim of publicists, who decided to use the name of the presenter without her knowledge. The girl could easily pay for the post. What is the truth? It is not clear. In any case (as with the recent scandalous event in which Sobchak had called all fat people “fat”) all knew “now bombone”. And “maybe”!..

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