Shocking truth: Potap and Irina Gorovaya divorced

Шокирующая правда: Потап и Ирина Горовая давно развелись

Journalists have long assumed that between a famous rapper Potap and his wife Irina Gorovoy has long been no love relationships, informs

It is not clear where the journalists came to such thoughts, after all, Potap and Irina often appeared together at social events, behaved as husband and wife, and scandals between them never was.

However, on the days the couple said that five years is not living together, and in 2014 they were officially divorced.

For fans Potap this news was a real shock.

According to Irina Gorovoy, they remained in good friendly relations, together raising children and continue to work together.

“We are good, but not a married couple,” said the ex-wife of Potapov.

The rapper himself said that now each of them have their personal life and they decided to report it officially, because to hide it makes no sense.

We remind you that the couple has joint son Andrew, who is now 8 years old.

Irina Gorovoy also has a 19-year-old daughter from his first marriage, which the captain have always been a good relationship.

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