Sedokova is jealous of my boyfriend to Loboda

Седокова ревнует своего парня к ЛободеAnd no wonder. Beloved Anna Sergey Humane starred in a rather candid clip with a foreign woman.

The owner of the seductive forms of Sedokova, it would seem to be an unfamiliar feeling of jealousy. To whom to be jealous when she is the dream of all men?

But the eternal struggle of brunettes and blondes again gave itself felt. The beloved Sedokova Sergey Humane traded it for spectacular blonde Svetlana Loboda.

Well “traded” is, of course, loudly. Do not panic ahead of time. Sergei starred in the new video Loboda, “To hell with love”. The video is very sexy. Svetlana appears in a rather revealing costumes, occasionally, even underwear, and Sergei, of course, is close by, and sometimes even too close.

“I’m sure the woman laid of inspiring the eternal need for love. In the video, our team shows her as a trophy, which you can obtain in the battle of the senses over the mind. Love is a struggle in which the strongest wins the most patient. Love is able to suppress any fear, and the winner would be the one who’s willing to sacrifice for others”, – commented on the idea of clip Loboda.

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After seeing this video, any girl would have a little uneasily in his chair. Sedokova also worth a look, especially because of their relationship with Humana cannot be called smooth.

After years of relationship the couple broke up and for quite a long time. Just before the New year Anya and Sergey decided to try to start over. It would be good if the ice is fragile love is not broke sexual jealousy.

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