Samburski: none of the “Uni” I didn’t wash out

Самбурская: никто  из «Универа» меня не выгонялThe actress denied the rumors about his departure from the popular project.

On Friday, fans of “Uni” was expecting bad news. Scared that fatal beauty Christine, played by Nastassja Samburski, will disappear from the project. According to media reports, the creators of the show are tired of the endless antics Samburski… In particular, her lack of discipline. So they decided to take drastic measures.

But here’s the surprise! Whether the American still did not bother to report, whether they changed their mind… anyway, Samburski to leave is clearly not going.

“I already wrote what I think about this news in her Instagram, the more I have nothing to say. 2nd number begin filming the new season. And the portal that published this “news” can go…” – has told Woman’s Day actress, as usual, did not mince words.

Later information about the care denied and provided the official channel.

“The producers of the series “Univer. New Dorm” said Nastasya Samburski will appear in the new season of the series and just recently begin shooting,” confirmed the words of the actress in the press service of the TNT channel.

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