Ryder Zemfira: eggs and mineral water instead of BMW and alcohol

Райдер Земфиры:  яйца и минералка вместо BMW и алкоголяThe singer continues his farewell tour. February 20, another concert – this time in Kazan.

The capital of Tatarstan will become the eighth city in the past, according to the singer herself, the tour of the “Little man”. There is still 12 cities (Samara, Ufa, Voronezh, Krasnodar, Sochi…), and organizers, and the singer’s nerves on edge.

First participation in the show program Zemfira refused the band Hidden Charms. The musicians were to become the special guest of the program, but because of the tragedy (in Sweden the death of their Manager – approx.ed.) participation in the concert had to be cancelled. Then sound problems during a speech in Nizhny Novgorod… Not surprising that the artist, and so famous for all its unpredictability, does not allow his team to relax.

Still, concert organizers are doing everything to Zemfira made it safely to each item in the program. The organizers are ready to any turn of events, but because immediate execute of a popular singer who, by the way, while literally poraduyut his modesty.

A few years ago Zemfira requested hotel (five stars) frequent or apartments in the city, at least five guards, and specially trained service staff in the hotel.

Maids are not supposed to photograph the star and, especially, to ask about her personal life. In the “transport” – only BMW or Mercedes provided that the car will be the singer Smoking. By the way, on one previous performances in Kazan, the singer asked for a crate of beer and red wine!

During the current round of the dressing room before a concert must be fruit, mineral water, eggs and at least a dozen dry towels. Though not a star of world masshataba, but an ordinary man…

fly to Kazan #z_tour2016 #z #zemfira #Zemfira video by @z_tour2016

Video published ZEMFIRA LIVE (@zemfiralive) Feb 19 2016 11:28 PST

It is worth noting that the singer has already arrived in Kazan. Moreover, in a private helicopter, as evidenced by the video “Fly to Kazan”, filmed in the cockpit and posted on the official microblog on Instagram Zemfira.

Meanwhile the fans are already hiding in anticipation. The previous visit of the singer in the capital of Tatarstan be remembered that, after the speech Zemfira decided to go on foot to the hotel, which stopped. Then set autoraph session with fans and even played them in the hotel lobby piano.

Recall, Zemfira went on a tour of the “Little man” was launched on 4 February 2016 in Omsk, and will end on April 1 in Moscow. Special guest of the tour in Kazan, and Nizhny Novgorod, Samara and Ufa will become an electronic musician Roman Litvinov, better known as DJ Mujuice (Mucus). He is the author of music and visuals for their single “Come home”, which Zemfira recorded in January of this year.

The statement of the singer during a concert in Nizhny Novgorod about the end of the tour caused a lot of noise. Fans in other cities had concerns that if you have to return the tickets.

Zemfira even had to clarify his words about the end of the tour: “the Phrase “this is my last tour” means exactly what it means – the last tour. The format of the tours for me from now on, exhausted – hard, troublesome, nervously. I calculated yesterday – it’s 10 tour! Just think about it. At the time I gave up television after from albums, but this is just form. How could I refuse to write songs if they are written? And if I want to give a concert, let me do it. So please don’t hold back on my account, and it is better you to us. Right now is a great tour, and I am grateful to all the participants!”

Meanwhile citizens of Kazan are preparing a flash mob before the concert everyone will be able to receive a leaflet with the image of the heart. Contingent command the audience of many thousands of the hall will raise the leaves and the singer will see the scale of Kazan the love of their fans. They sincerely hope that her decision to end the performances were emotional, and that she will come to our city.

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