Russian Oscar for DiCaprio flew to Hollywood

Русский «Оскар» для Ди Каприо вылетел в ГолливудGold and silver on heavy the statuette was collected by all city of Yakutsk.

Will receive or not DiCaprio’s long-awaited “Oscar”, it seems, is not important… the Statue, cast in gold, he will in any case.

Already took care of residents of Yakutsk. Almost 150 fans, the stars do not regret your rings, chains, bracelets to make for idol long-awaited statue. And gave all the “good” local jeweler.

“Just to the smelter went 1.4 kilo silver rings, necklaces and pendants. And some gold – have made it choroon – national vessel, which holds our “Oscar”, – said the organizer of the flash mob Sardaana Savvina, writes the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

The statue, which, incidentally, turned out no worse than American, thought to pass through the Moscow office of Hollywood. But then decided that would be safer to deliver an Oscar personally. By the start of the ceremony. And, having chipped in together on the tickets, sent a messenger on the road.

So “Oscar” DiCaprio will be anyway, but one or two is a big question.

What do you think, will I get Leo an Oscar?

  • Yes! This time he deserved it.
  • For what? The movie was boring, was so-so…
  • And there is no point!
  • The statue should get the bear…
  • No answer
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